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05 November 2014

A Heroic Cat Little Princess

Little Princess A Life Saving Cat

This wonderful child of mine yeah, a Cat has saved other cats’ lives and dealt with pain as well as being abandoned by humans is my cat for more than four years now.

What does one say about a hero? What can one really say? Yes, animals can be heroes just as much as humans can.

Little Princess is one of those animal heroes just like the cat that fought off the dog attacking a child or the animals that helped humans out almost endless times. Look online after you watch this video as well as the Roadside911.Com video over at http://Uneedroadside.Com

You will find so many heroic animals, yet most receive no honors such is the case with Little Princess, she is the reason at least one small frightened cat survived when his mother grew weary of him or took off she was later killed by some driver I believe. Little Princess mothered him and kept him safe then we had a friend get Little Princess and she was our new child unfortunately the small frightened cat could not be caught.

Leaving this poor scared cat all alone! I was tortured by this so I asked the friend to work to catch the little cat Thank God she caught him! He is safe and has a loving family MINE! Yes, he is my child as well he is my fourth cat (Child.) he was saved due to her love as such she should be considered his unofficial mother or big sister.

She was kind to other cats that were homeless but most were afraid and ended up running away or dying due to accidents or the freezing winter. Little Princess grooms him and her family as well as greets me each day when I come down stairs from bed she is so loving and sweet. Yet she was a feral cat or so called feral cat. These feral cats just need loving homes and will be your best friend just like dogs.

Please do your utmost to help homeless cats, dogs or other animals find homes find a way to adopt the feral cats then be amazed as the so called feral cat shows you great kindness and love.

Fear not these wonderful cats. Fear not the wonderful lost dogs for all of who are the children of The Lord God as we are.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.
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