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20 November 2014

Don't Pay 549.00 $ For Your Turkey!

Don’t Pay 549 Dollars For Your Turkey
I don’t know about any of you, but it seems to me most people would not go around spending 549.00 dollars for a 22 pound Turkey especially since you could get at least a 23 pound Turkey for only 21.50 during the Thanksgiving and possibly during Christmas.

Yeah, Some People may think I’m joking here one assures you that I am not.
A store in the Western Pennsylvania

Here is a link to this insane proof!

Now, one can suppose that Most People may think this is a great deal. Free Turkey! Sure, looks like it, but examine the facts if you are a customer who sees this add you may feel like WOW a free Turkey if only I reach that 399.00 or 549.00 level and you may tend to spend more because psychologically your mind says this is free when in fact at that price let us say you spend normally 300.00 dollars a month on food. The fact is you would be spending another 99.00 dollars or another 249.00 dollars depending on which Turkey you want to get for free.

Note: As well that the 399.00 Turkey is different not just in size, but also type one is a Honeysuckle Hen Turkey the other is a Honeysuckle Tom Turkey.

This is wrong on a few levels as it almost seems like those who only spend 399.00 are receiving a less quality Turkey why? And of course the 399.00 one is 10-14 pounds while the 549.00 is 22 lbs.

Well, when there last night. One looked at the price for a 23 pound Honeysuckle Turkey I did not notice if it was the Honeysuckle Hen or Tom it was 23 pounds and it was only 21.50.

This means that you could get 28 Turkeys at that price that were at least 22 or more pounds, remember, I found one for 23 plus a few ounces for only 21.50.

Now, you see the come on or scam here. So, let’s look at the 10-14 pound turkeys since one does not see their sales price for said turkeys let’s give it 14.00 dollars as a price.
I believe it is even less than that I will update the post once I have the facts should I get the facts in time.

Taking 14.00 dollars as a price let’s see how many turkeys that are 10-14 that we can get.
The answer is we could buy at least 28 turkeys at that price for 392 dollars leaving us 7 dollars to spend if we were to decide to spend 399.00 to get said free turkey!

Now, let’s see how many 10 – 14 turkeys for the 549.00 figure to get the larger turkey. 39 yeah, 39 turkeys for that price!

Okay, I will admit if your monthly grocery bill comes to 399.00 or 549.00 a month then yes you are really getting a FREE TURKEY. If however, your grocery does not come to that normally and you overspend due to the fact it makes your mind want the supposed free turkey then you are being scammed.

One last thing to note: The free turkey promotion used to be 250.00 dollars to get the 10-14 lbs turkey and 500.00 to get the 22 lbs.

That is an increase of 149.00 dollars to receive the first turkey and a 49.00 Dollar increase to receive the second level 22 lbs turkey.

I submit to you that even if you’re normal bill is 399.00 or 549.00 a month you are still being conned or scammed as they have raised the spending limits by 149.00 or 49. Could get you Two 22 lbs turkeys leaving 6 dollars for your pocket 21.50 for 2 = 43.00 and Ten 14.00 turkeys leaving you nine dollars spending money!

Most people are going to save that extra money buy one turkey or ham and other fixings for all the money one would need to spend to get this fake free Turkey.


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