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16 November 2014

I Believe Some Mediums And Psychics Are 100% Honest And Real!!!

I Believe Some Mediums And Psychics Are 100% Honest And Real!!
Psychics and or Mediums claim to speak to deceased people from The Other Side or those who crossed over other ways to put is with spirits, angels and some face demons. Many don't believe the psychics or mediums are real or are in fact really doing as they claim. I have a point of view on this and the post as follow will speak to some of my thoughts on this subject.

I have now interviewed at least ten mediums, psychics, healers as well as reiki healers as well as other healing arts. The people that were interviewed by me or my crew were found to be sincere and honest. I believe that they can contact those who have departed. I have also watched the television shows and have seen John, Kim Teresa, Sylvia and others and believe that at the least they believe what they are saying, seeing and doing and that it is helping people.

What Is So Wrong With That?
What Is So Wrong With That? It seems to me that if what they are doing is comforting those who survived their loved ones’ death that there is nothing wrong with it as it often times helps them cope with words left unsaid or the loved one who returns via a medium to ask forgiveness for how they were in life. What about the medium who finds the body of a murdered person because they pick up on the spirits pain and or vibrations of the spirit and the police find the body how is this wrong?

Or cases where spirits can finally find peace or reconnect with their friends or family then finally go into the light how is that wrong? I ask you. Take the case of Kim from The Haunting Of she helped Wayne Newton, Billy Ray Cyrus as well as others they felt relieved as well as thankful one may have decided to not kill themselves as a result!

If They Were Fake Who Cares
James Randi loves to prove psychics wrong and his beef is they are frauds taking innocent peoples’ money to that I say so what? If in the end that person feels better heals and does better in their life why is this a terrible thing to have happen to that person? Is it because they are gaining money fraudulently?

Well, if the person feels as if they were really helped were they not in fact helped? What if the person changes their life for the better was this not worth it? I say there are many corporations, businesses, schools,  and more that don’t really deliver on their promises so are they not scams cons and the like? Should James Randi be going after schools that claim they will train you and then leave you with thousands of dollars of debt? Or the big box stores they buy very low, have slave labor and bad practices why don’t James Randi hound them? They take billions or trillions of dollars what about them James Randi and all other debunkers?

They Got It Wrong!
They got it wrong! Okay, some people have seen videos where a psychic said a persons’ loved one was dead and they were alive others have gotten things wrong or seemed to not be able to read people when called out on live shows. SO WHAT!

The psychics or Mediums are also people they can make mistakes just as we can they can misread interrupt what the spirits are saying sometimes just as we make mistakes. Now, in many cases if that happens the Mediums or Psychics will do another reading to see what went wrong or to understand better the message they are receiving.

Give the honest Psychic a change and stop being so quick to hurt their profession or is it that you were fooled by a fake Psychic and now hate all of them?

My problem with James Randi and all of the so called debunkers is that they would have you believe that no Psychic or Medium can really speak to the dead and the other issues I have is they seem to be filled with hate! This world needs love, not hate.
Maybe James Randi will start debunking the existence of love next!

Pittsburgh Medium, Psychic Sara Sachs has been on Humanity Matters twice and I believe she is very real, honest and good at her art.

Most people would review the videos on the site listed below some would risk ignoring them. 

We protect drivers 100% view the video.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life. A great service to be a customer of and a great way to earn an extra income to use as you wish. Maybe you want to help other people or animals? This could be the vehicle that lets you achieve it!

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