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16 November 2014

If You Create It They Will Come! And Listen Forever! Create A Series.

If You Create It They Will Come! And Listen Forever! 
We created this podcast in order to inspire all who hear it this is the link.

Creating podcast will be as helpful or more helpful than a web blog as it is hosted on sites that have many viewers. They spend money on SEO that helps you to have some viewers find you even if you do little or no promoting of your podcast series.

Case in point: My first podcast happened 7-16-2007 and even today more than seven years later we still receive downloads not just of this podcast, but every podcast that I have even created. This is for you to know as it could mean more views to your business sites or even your businesses. One should create their podcast series and watch how they increase in your numbers as well as a possible increase in your bottom line just might happen.

07/16/2007 01:00 AM EDT
Having fun at the coffee shop and living life! 
here is that link as well. 

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Albert Torcaso

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