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17 November 2014

Just A Label, But So Much More.

Okay, I bet you’re thinking why would he write this post? It’s simple the truth is that in all my years online or owning computers one has never created a label or stationary at all in fact I never even thought of doing it.

Well, by now most returning viewers know that one has a business this business like most has marketing martial. Well, one had tri folds, alert charts, as well as comparison charts there was a place to write your information such as number name you know the drill.

I have been having Annette or I write the information on the back of these items and yeah, it does not look as great as the printing from a printer. This left me looking a bit unprofessional to potential customers or business partners there was no way this would keep going on.

The issue remained what does one do if one has never created marketing material or labels? The solution was learn it then create them.

Sunday 16th November 2014 I went to YouTube reviewed a video that was a bit helpful yet a bit confusing and incomplete then one found the second video and after that I went step by step to create the labels.

There were other things one had to do to get it just right, but the labels have been made and are on the cards, charts as well as alerts. Big Deal? No. You see this is important to you as it shows that even if you have never done something before you can do it and do it correctly.

This shows each of you to FEAR NOT THE OBSTACLE! Fear Not The Road Never Taken! Some People let obstacles or fear stop them from trying new paths, jobs, careers or anything new. Most People can achieve anything they want to achieve if they will only keep trying, learning as well as applying.

This was but the beginning for me as I will be creating some of my own marketing material in the near future and in so doing be able to inspire and teach other members of my team to do the same for their own business as well as to teach their team members.

This post matters not for what one has done, but for what it shall inspire others to do! LET NOT FEAR STOP YOUR PROGRESS, LET NOT FEAR STOP YOUR SUCCESS OR THAT OF OTHERS! YES, THESE WORDS ARE WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT!!

You Do Agree.

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Copyright 2004 - 2014 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved

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