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24 November 2014

Reaching That Goal / Mission.

 Reaching That Goal / Mission.

I don’t know if any of you who visit Humanity Matters Dot Org noticed or read this blog post on October 9th 2014, but I spoke about beating my record of 199 posts and how reaching that goal would be a record and a proud moment for me as well as Most People who visit  

I am sure Some People will wonder how it affects them well, it will demonstrate how one took up a huge task late in the year and or game, yeah it has taken a lot of work, but the fact is that as I write this post there are only thirty posts left to do and as for my videos I now have over 742 videos for you to review on my YouTube Channel.

What you need to know is this. I would love to say that one will remain the journalist and keep bringing hard hitting news to you, but truth be told I am going to do that as well as have the wealth creation aspect at all times.

Why? Is it because I want to bug you into joining my team? No, that is a small part of it the truth is that one wants you on the team so that you may prosper in all areas of your life and since Most People need an Additional Income and since one has a great business that can lead to that Additional Revenue.

I thought combining my skill sets would help the greatest number of people.
Here are some facts I’d love to share with you we journalists can give you hard hitting fact based evidence inform you of investigations or recalls and many different facts one needs to know in order to be as safe and informed as possible. Some People even become activists in life to make great societal changes they are among our heroes, but in the final analysis these changes often don’t help you directly this is something that one is striving to change forever.

That’s right the real reason one has offers of business here and that I keep asking you to go to my web site is that I know that my great transformation is happening right before all the eyes that watch the videos, Humanity Matters Live episodes, listen to the podcasts or read contextual posts here.

Now, for the extreme truth! I don’t want to tell you about the news or the world as it is and only be able to inform you while still leaving you with nothing much to help you individually. Sure, bringing news and issues to the masses is vitally important, but now it is time for action!

I said long ago one was looking for a way to become wealthy and to succeed in a business of my own now that is becoming a reality. If you have watched me over the years one has said that one wants to gain wealth by bringing value to others as well as having these very same people join him in his business, train them and have them do as I have done so that they will also gain knowledge and in the end wealth.

Look, I can’t make your dreams a reality you can. All you need do is decide that nothing is going to keep you from success then you’ll go to the web site or all web sites that I direct you to and you will study them for a day, week, month or however long it takes you to say yes, this could be what changes my life.

Truth is none of us are getting younger and it’s high time we learn all there is to learn about business.

There is no reason for you to dream of financial success as there is a real possibility for you to have it in the here and now.

You may not believe me yet so consider this I took on a huge task of creating over 200 videos in one year as well as creating over two hundred posts here on  Humanity Matters Dot Org.

Now, one has created almost 300 videos in less than five months as for the posts record that one wants to break? Well, with this post one has only thirty five (35) posts to create by December 31st 2014 then every post after that will be an all time record.

Note: As of this writing one has only thirty five posts to reach the last record standing on Humanity Matters Dot Org as of now this is second place for most ever posts in a single year. On my blog we stand at 165 surpassing all others for all other years of this blog site. 2008 was 199 posts by year’s end 2014 will be the most ever posts in a year. 2015 will see at least as many or more posts God willing.

I have had many successes please join me and have your greatest success this year and more as each year comes’ and passes.

WE CAN REACH AND OVERCOME THAT MOUNTAIN TOGETHER! That is worth shouting about don’t you agree?

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.
Albert Torcaso   

When you decide to change your life once and for all just write to me or better yet join our team.  or visit the web site you know the link by now.
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