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16 November 2014

You Can't Let Obstacles Stop You.

You Can't Let Obstacles Stop You.

Most people have plans in life even plans for that day or second. Some people get stuck when things come up or don’t work they become frozen or sort of out of sync. Tonight, those very annoying obstacles are happening as one writes this post. You see, there was to be another post however, Talk Shoe Dot Com is not archiving the podcast that was created tonight If You Create It They Will Come And Listen Forever!

This kept me from creating the post here, yet instead of stopping one has come up with other content to write about.

Then there is the strange going on with audio files as I was planning on listening to an audio show online, yet for some crazy reason no program will work. To open it again, I have no idea of letting this stop me so one has to find solutions. Later today, research will be the order of the day to complete what I had started. Some people would say okay it does not work move on, but if most people chose to move on each time there were obstacles how would our world have ever accomplished the great breakthroughs that have happened throughout time?

It is not for human nor animal to allow obstacles to stop progress it is for all of us to venture deeper into the as yet unknown to find solutions to all problems be they a technical software issue or finding a way to travel through space as well as time.

We must prosper. We must move forward we must find ways to inspire all people not just some people. I am just curious what do you do when faced with obstacles? How do you work to inspire others to move forward stay focused and never quit when faced with very challenging problems to solve?

Tonight, one could have said there shall be no post instead there are two that shall be released for viewing by five am today that were created Saturday Nov 15th 2014 to be released Sunday 3:28 am Nov 16th 2014.

Live life as if you have nothing to lose then ye shall find all that you have and will gain.
Albert Torcaso 16th November 2014

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

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