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11 December 2014

Amazing And Loving. My Cat Bit Me Again! I Got MAD! What Did I Do!!!

Well, Antonio Angelo was scared and a bit upset again earlier this past week so once again he bit me he gets like that for some odd reason. And I'll be honest i was pissed and I gave him a small spanking.

I mean a very light one, what was not right is I grabbed him by his back or somewhere there to pick him up and send him to my room as I was MAD! I at first thought I am going to kick his butt he sent me to the hospital a few years ago remember that post? So I shut the door having him trapped in the room and he hides I stop him from hiding anywhere and grab him again!

Don't worry I did not pick him up in a hurtful way so I grab him and what do you think I did?

I told him I love him, but that he hurt me and that I was pissed, but that I still love him I just don't like it when he bites. I petted him and even held him and a few minutes later it was as if he had never been angry or scared. Fast forward a few nights later I believe it was Tuesday night I'm resting on the bed Antonio Angelo comes into the room on the bed and later groomed me for about a minute.

He never did that his entire life! So, why did I share this with you? One is to show that yeah, I get pissed when he bites, but that I love him so much that I would never give him up for all the money in the world, the universe and all universes combined! Yes, he has some bad habits and there is a small risk, but my son Antonio Angelo (Cat.) is worth the risk and that I would give my life to save his or any of my deceased or living animals.

I also do this to make you understand that animals can be bad at times just like humans. Please don't have them gassed, euthanized, given up, or away. I ask you to be loving, to have patience with them and just when you have the urge to hit or harm them hug them instead, pet them kiss them they love you they just make mistakes like humans do.

I would never hurt my cats or any animal for I would be harming myself and then an innocent defenseless animal how can humans be so inhumane to do such a thing?

Love your animals for they are gone to paradise far to soon.
The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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