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23 December 2014

YES, YES, YES I Did It! A Record Has Been Broken The Mission Is Complete!

YES, YES, YES I Did It! A Record Has Been Broken The Mission Is Complete!

Thank you, The Lord Thy God,

Thank You, Jesus.
That is how one has to open up this post. For if it were not for my life one could not have completed this mission. If it were not for faith when there were 110 or more posts steering me in the face one could not have fought through the emotional and physical pain not to mention many nights not knowing what to speak about.

Where you fit in
Every word one writes on their blog in theory at least is to somehow offer value, inform, instruct, inspire or help others achieve growth, success, inspiration and a better life in some form.

This post above all one hopes shows that near impossible odds is just that NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE! They are not impossible we only believe them to be impossible. If we take each task one at a time the impossible suddenly seems possible.

If we keep doing just one or a few tasks each day then there becomes the possible and finally success and accomplishments that we never really thought were going to be a reality we wished them to become reality, but thought we would fall short.

We did not fall short in this case, this record is as much yours as it is mine with it no human or animal on earth can get me to believe that one can’t achieve it, we’ve only to act and believe it to achieve it.

Truth is even if we don’t believe it, but we still take the actions we can achieve it. If we have faith in a creator, God and ourselves we can achieve it.

This post, this day is a record breaker to be sure, in a larger sense however it is our call to action, our call to act even in the case of failure which seems sure to happen.

Want to know a secret? If we keep moving forward and doing one to a few tasks a day there shall be no failure!

Edison was unsuccessful the first 9,999 times he and his staff worked to create and improve upon the incandescent light bulb, yet on the 10,000th try they succeeded.
Point is that we may fail at first or many times, if we keep going for it to use a term from a ROCKY film we will have our victory. Today, you bear witness to one of our victories.

Know that there will still be posts 1-2 per day as there is no way that one can slow down now.

My thoughts on achieving this record

This is a hard post to write as it means so much to me and represents an accomplishment that many times I would sit staring at the blog and see how many more posts I needed to complete and trust I had doubts huge doubts so this post means so much to me it even means future success in every aspect of my life as it clearly shows that when I am determined to complete a mission I get the mission complete even in the face of near impossible odds.

I know that 200 posts per year is no big deal to many bloggers as they may post twice a day or more so one does get that. But, you may be unaware that I never used to do more than one post every few days or maybe even a week or two would go by for me to have done as many as six posts in a single is amazing to me as I did not even think it possible.

In the last few months I made myself write two to six posts per day at times this truly feels so good to me. It’s gratifying because not only has one written more posts in a year than ever before, but each of you have shared with me my ups and downs.

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Trust in your judgement, trust in yourself, trust in me and visit the site for if we are willing to dream we are able to create a new reality.

Thank you and so glad we shared this achievement together.

So here goes contact me here

Albert Torcaso
412-202-9225 or 412-559-2731

Tell me your experiences and if you would rather speak to the real me call me and we will speak about it.

So here goes contact me here  tell me your experiences and if you would rather speak to the real me call me and we will speak about it.
Albert Torcaso

Call 412-206-9225 
or 412-559-2731

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
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