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28 February 2015

Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Into Paradise

 Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Into Paradise

Fact: The famous Vulcan greeting is an old Jewish blessing Nimoy adapted for Star Trek

Fact: Leonard Nimoy William Shatner and Walter Koenig  are jewish.
Let us love all and erase all hatred.

Leonard, you were an inspiration to millions of people maybe billions on this planet and others. I miss you my friend, May your spirit enjoy an eternity of peace, joy and endless discoveries.

How does a person say goodbye to someone they never really met or knew? I do not really know.

This I do know there have been so many passing of the famous and people and animals in my life since
I started my program Humanity Matters Live my show has always listed at least a few of those who passed and sadly I have never had one episode in hundreds that did not have at least a few deaths of famous, local or family members of human and animal.

It has broken me up off camera or while alone so many times and now Leonard Nimoy of many films as well as shows has passed away. As many of you no doubt saw him first as an actor on Classic Star Trek I had seen him on there as well and a few years ago I learned he had been on Mission Impossible for awhile as well.

For me Mr. Spock was one wild and sometimes annoying character and yet it was always so great to see his humanity and emotions come out in every episode or most at least and I often found him to be so much more humane than humanity at least in our lifetime.

As a Vulcan he used logic and saw no sense in many things humanity or other species do to themselves or others for me that show and his role as others on it were great paths that humanity should endeavor to follow.

Leonard was into photography as well and I do hope to be able to view some of his works one day.

I have a request as I had on my podcast about Leonard Nimoy it is that in his honor we do better that we say hello to people we meet that we help those that we can in any way possible this will honor him, honor The Lord God as well as make many other people happy spread love in honor of The Lord God and Leonard Nimoy we can make God's spirit and  
Mr. Nimoy's spirit smile in our good thoughts toward other people animals as well as the planet.

The podcast honoring Leonard Nimoy

Be ready for a special podcast. Link.

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