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31 March 2015

Still Robbed At The Gasoline Pump!

Over the last year have you been liking the cost of gasoline or petrol?
Well, I am here to tell you that you're still being robbed at the gasoline pump!
Some People think gas is cheap now, but so many forget that in the 1990's it was less than a dollar a gallon! Yes, less than a dollar!

In fact, when crude oil was trading at 47.00 a barrel it was around .75 cents to a 1.05 per gallon depending where you lived In the 1990's!

Well, today March - 31 - 2015 crude closed at 47.00 dollars a barrel! 
Yes, as low as in the 1990's so why are we paying over 2.00 a gallon? Many pay close to 3.00 a gallon some pay even more than that!

Why? If the cost of an item is 47.00 in 1990 and 47.00 in 2015 the products made with by products should reflect the same cost and or cause a reduction in price.

More over, consider that in 1990 we did not have hybrid vehicles further reducing oil dependance nor was Marcellus shall gas so wildly drilled and we did not have as energy being produced in America and other parts of the globe as we do now.

Fact is, we are being robbed at the pump. Stand up and legally fight back!
Call 1-202-224-3121 and demand action.

Call the Whitehouse comment line and demand action legally & peacefully, but ask for answers as a U.S Citizen you deserve answers from my friends around the globe do the same with your leaders.

Let us demand answers and action! Let us demand justice!

Stop being robbed at the gasoline pump!

For all my friends I need you to go here now and sign up for free it can change your life!

So you think that gasoline is lower this year right? Well, Crude Oil Closed at 47.00 a barrel March -31-2015 and gasoline is over 2.44 a gallon.

In the 1990's Crude Oil closed at 47.00 a barrel and gasoline was between .75 cents and 1.05 depending on location.

Now, explain how the price of oil reached the same price and yet we did not see a 1.44 cents decrease in the cost of a gallon of gasoline?

Truth is we are being robbed at the gasoline pump!

Tune in for more!

Demand Congress act to lower gasoline prices.

Call the Whitehouse and peacefully demand an investigation into the oil and gas industry now!

Stop hoping for a better life create that life go here now, sign up and then go pro you have a great return on investment and your life will be better!

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