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12 March 2015

You Will Succeed

You Will Succeed
First: Let me say I believe in you

Second: I believe In You

Third: I believe in You!

Wonder why I repeated it? Because too many people don't believe in themselves and yes, this even happens to me in fact, believe it or not much of my life and even now I don't believe I will succeed so why should you keep reading?

Ask yourself a question or a bunch of them is there at least a thousand posts on this site? Is Albert still bringing content and not quitting?  Has he ever given me value? If yes, then I am one of the people that can bring both of us success and here is why.

I am no fake person attempting to say to you say affirmations to yourself then you'll start getting the success you seek. Look do I believe those things can change our lives YES! However, we must deal with every second reality and those who have put us down for years and guess who has put us down the most?

US! That's right our own brains have done this and sure look at the way the world is or those around us so much happens each day that most of the people on earth have dreams that never become reality.

This shall not be our fate! I am first going to tell you I just had some huge successes.
I dealt Google and YouTube suspending my YouTube Channel for content that violated their community guidelines. Truth is I was flagged by people who just did not like the UFO investigators or what they said. Here is what happened though. I was suspended and my video had a huge strike against it that could have caused me to completely have my account terminated!

What I did was three fold I appealed and provided proof that these claims were in fact false and they restored my channel. Then I had to prove that there should not have even been a strike and for the record that requires a second filing of a dispute as to the claim of a strike and or that the video violates any policy. Again a second victory!
Strike is gone account back in good standing.

Final appeal that I may win or may not, but for some strange reason they made it age restricted even though it is g-rated and there is no reason for it so I sent them a question as to what is against children viewing. I doubt they will respond to that many times I asked them these questions with no return e-mail.

I had yet another victory I was able to bring a new member on my team that makes three huge successes.

Point being that sure we struggle and we must reprogram our brains as well as the way we live yet I am finally getting there and know that you can do as I do.

I want you to watch, buy, borrow all of the books, mp3’s videos and or people and not for a day mind you, but forever YES! You must make a brand new you! A Brand new way of thinking and in fact to be wealthy you must already see yourself there!

Hard? Yes, hard as anything you will ever do and this may take you months or years, but friends you will get it you will succeed!

Ever wonder why I keep trying to buck the system and get you to join my businesses?
I don’t want your money! Nope! I want you to succeed as I do. Now, believe in me we are going to have to do many new things and WORK!!!
Having said that we will be working for ourselves, family, retirement, now and our future!
I must also let you in on a secret I’m in another business and still in the driver’s protection plan so you have choices on your success route with me and my team.

Go here today and join it. Yes, now this very moment!!! Why? It’s 100% free to join and a game changer unlike anything I have seen before. I could explain it, but the brave shall lead the way and I believe you to be brave.

Now, do these in order right now and throughout your life.

Think And Grow Rich Napoleon Hill borrow, watch videos, read, listen to it.
Think Your Way To Wealth Napoleon Hill.
Outwitting The Devil Napoleon Hill
The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Joseph Murphy
The Automatic Millionaire David Bach
Think Big And Kick Ass Donald Trump
Anthony Robbins books, tapes, videos mp3’s
Dani Johnson books, tapes videos.Mp3’s
Les Brown
Tom Big Al Schreiter
Brian Tracy

And many more. Start your journey now look I know it’s hard, but look at my success and those of most of history’s wealthiest people more than half came through poverty as well as little to no education. How did they overcome? They changed their minds found ways to control their minds and then nothing on earth could stop them!

You need to know we are all born with this ability so we must strive to obtain it then even our dreams will need to become larger for even we will be amazed as to what we achieve.

Take your very first step to success of unlimited bounds join us now at the price to join is free, the cost of saying no is loss of hope, joy and definiteness of purpose.

Be ready for a special podcast. Link.

So here goes contact me here  tell me your experiences and if you would rather speak to the real me call me and we will speak about it.
Albert Torcaso


The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life. A great service to be a customer of and a great way to earn an extra income to use as you wish. Maybe you want to help other people or animals? This could be the vehicle that lets you achieve it!

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