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04 April 2015

I Met Or Acted With THEM!

Any of you know who these famous people are?  I am next to? If so send me a friend request and message. All fans of 1960's television should know who the young man sitting down is. And yes, I did get to act with a LEGEND!

Funny thing is he was ticking me off cause he was being a ding bat and I told a legend off! Yeah, really!

Then when we took this photo I asked him was my tie okay. I did not want to look down.

He got the last laugh on me!

Then the next day he amazed me!!!
He was nice to everyone and real nice to me he had me sit in his stars treatment chair when he was on set and even got me a coffee!

Months later President Regan was out of office and this young man was at his welcoming back home party and I saw it on the news. I said wtf did I do I told off a guy who is friends with the President!!!

Wild huh???

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