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11 April 2015

I Miss Dad Happy Birthday! I Did not Forget You Or It!

I Miss Dad Happy Birthday!
 I Did not Forget You Or It!

Happy Birthday Dad, Albert R. Goldsmith, yes, yesterday April 10th 2015 was dad’s birthday again, and yes, he is my second dad, but a dad he was and I’m living today because of his actions in more than one way.

Well, it’s been near seven years now and trust me the pain of loss is still there and to be sure there were things that Al did that were upsetting and confusing, but facts are the facts Al was a great dad and a great guy. Sure, kids say that about dads, but even I did not know how much he was loved Al had 19 yes nineteen separate birthday parties thrown for his 90th birthday and well into the year.

I attended two I believe and was just about a wallflower because Al was in demand!
Being honest I bet more than a thousand people celebrated his birthday that year as well they should have. You see Al spent his entire life rendering useful service words the late Andrew Carnegie spoke about in his interviews with Napoleon Hill.

Al lived to help people I know this will sound impossible, but
Albert R. Goldsmith touched untold thousands of lives and personally taught near five thousand or more people in his life.

That is impressive as itself I agree, but it was not just that he taught the masses rendering useful service it was that he would teach everyone and anyone even those thought to be unable to be taught not able to be educated.

Yes, I personally watched as he would teach people with mental or physical challenges.
I witnessed his tutoring a man named Alan who had server learning issues he taught him for years and Alan was able to learn reading and math and more. Alan would count out his change as a direct result Alan was able to live independently.

Al was a home-bound educator as well and would go to homes where children or adults could not go out to school or to college. Al even taught English to many people coming from what at the time was known as eastern bloc nations.

Al was a Harvard and University Of Pittsburgh Graduate in fact he would write letters of recommendation for acceptance in to Harvard, Yale or Princeton.

As I said many things about him I don’t know even today for Al was humble about it.
The first time I met Al I thought who the F is this old man and why am I here!

That lasted about four seconds then Al spoke he said how about we go eat some steak with my friend then swim later.

I’m thinking dang this guy is cool!
Come to find out he was more than cool he even liked rock, metal, punk rock and more types of music hip hop and rap as well. He even managed rock, and punk rock bands! Carsickness was among them!

Al really was amazing and truth be told writing this post is very hard to do as I recall these things in life I start getting misty eyed up to be honest.  

Al really cared about humanity often he would visit places that most were scared to go and once when we visited New York City he was driving around the city we were lost. So he’s asking gang members for directions! Funny part is they actually helped us out!

During the day we asked a New York City Officer for advice and he said I tell you what if anything happens to you I’ll tell you I was wrong.

Turns out members of a NYC street gang helped us better than a New York City officer go figure that out!

But you see that was Al he respected everyone President of our or any nation as well as gang members he treated all with respect and they loved him for it.

He marched on Washington in the sixties in other states he and I even met Martin Luther King the 3rd. years later.

He walked in places where there had been riots after Martin Luther King’s death he was never, never bothered. He respected all people and even told them so at times.

He supported treatments for AIDS and HIV and welcomed infected members to sit with him and eat lunch or dinner with him with no fear!

Al was a super cool person. STOP HE STILL IS!
His spirit now walks among paradise, but he still guides me in many ways even when I don’t realize it!

One last funny thing we were walking in Washington DC once and came upon the red light district and a young woman came up to us and said Sir, have you been to Paradise and Al’s smile was huge it was FUNNY! He did not answer so the woman said it again and he said with a huge grin oh’ yeah I have been to paradise many times! I laughed like you just don’t know!!

Got to tell you this. Women loved Al I don’t get it, but they loved him! I had seen woman try to um let’s say entertain him and they were between 9-50 years younger than him I’m still in shock about that today April 11th 2015!

just don’t bug the women too MUCH!!!

Be ready for a special podcast. Link.

So here goes contact me here  tell me your experiences and if you would rather speak to the real me call me and we will speak about it.
Albert Torcaso


The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso
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