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24 June 2015

Distraction Will Happen Just Keep Going

There Will Be Distractions

Albert Torcaso

This video is about distractions here are just a few of what I had to deal with while shooting this and other videos for you.

·       My sore eyes that is why I am wearing the shades.
·       Three trains making noise one in front of us and two across the road.
·       Traffic.
·       Lighting.

This is the point no matter what roadblocks there were the videos were completed and filmed.

When you work this or any business or any task for that matter I promise you there will be distractions.

You will face roadblocks from those who love you, those you think love you, your day job, medical, emotional, psychological, physical and every other way you can think of.

You may call a thousand people and they all reject your offer or you.

You keep going because soon there will be those who accept your offer, those who want what you have be it a service or a product.

They may need it in a vital way. Keep going forward.

You must look at this business as your new job, but a job that once perfected will grant you freedom from ever working again for a company that won’t pay you what you’re worth, won’t promote you.

Freedom from time slavery that has you away from what or whom you love.

Can you achieve this success if it is super hard?


You have to be at your current job every day no matter what life brings you or even if you’re needed at home when it comes to your job you must be there or face being fired.

Treat this business like a job for six months and you will never have to work for another person other than yourself or whom you choose to work for.

Make calls every day until you get ten people to look at your presentation or you reach 300 calls made for that day.

Do this for six months and you will be free!

Consider making these calls as your new job that you can be fired if you don’t complete them and guess what you’ll succeed.

Here is the CRAZY PART! Have FUN!

Remember, each successful visitor to your site or presentation is another step closer to your never having to work again!

The family or friends!
Make sure you explain to them this is just like a second job where you must be there or you’ll get fired and there will be no income to pay for their needs or feed them.

Have your family help you share your load by sharing your business, project or task with their contacts, friends and the world if they complain ask them do they like their phones? PC’s?  Shoes?

This is yours! This is your path to freedom.

If I asked you to make a thousand calls a day you would likely cuss me out, yet if your boss assigned you that task you would have no choice but to complete it or being disciplined or terminated.

Do as we ask of you it is not for us it is for you and those you love.

All of you who send me an e-mail and tell me that you have seen this video I will give you a free gift one in which it will help skyrocket your success when making those calls that you must do for the next six months starting the day you see this video.

Be bold, write down the day you started, go six months then when those six months end go six months more and be amazed at your success!!!

Albert Torcaso

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income facilitator, earn extra income without killing yourself!

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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