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25 June 2015

Happy Birthday DAD Albert E. Torcaso (Biological)

Happy Birthday DAD

Albert E. Torcaso 

June 16th 2015

Happy Birthday Day Dad Eleven days ago.

Yes, Dad's spirit I do miss you and I do hope that you are in paradise and that your spirit has gone into the glowing warm light and have reached paradise. 

I do hope that you are in Heaven  
with Mom  
Mary A Torcaso and that you have been with all of my animals that you knew and those that you have never met on earth.

Yes, dad there were many things that you did or did not do that hurt us and yes, one of your daughters or both have nightmares so if your spirit has anyway of seeing what I write please visit them somehow without frightening them to ask for forgiveness.

I have forgiven you and do hope you reached paradise or that you have been re-incarnated into another human or animal.

In any case to the soul of Albert E. Torcaso Happy Belated Birthday.

Have you and Mom's spirit stopped fighting? Did she tell you I had her give up smoking and she lived 15 extra years because of it? Did she tell you I learned how to get her and many others to be able to quit smoking without craving or gaining weight?

Albert R' Goldsmith my second father taught me the method though I never smoked since I had taken those cigars at the age of five years old since then I smoked one time and not by choice.

I was in the Jackson Five Movie An American Dream in a bar scene and they had me smoke a cigarette I was not pleased!

One of the stars asked me to please smoke elsewhere and I explained to him I hate smoking and they forced me to do it so he said he was sorry and understood. 

We spoke a bit. On that same set I met two members of the Jackson family the mother and Jermaine Jackson.

I'm sure you know all of this from the other side and that I have three Humanity centered mediums Humanity Matters Live, Humanity Matters Dot Org and Humanity Matters Podcast.

Dad, forgiveness is needed for all, but yet it is hard to do and one can't really forget I do say unto and your spirit I forgive you and hope that your abundance is complete.

Happy Birthday Albert E. Torcaso (Dad.)

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

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