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10 June 2015

I Love You! Just Deal With It!!

To all people of this earth my family, friends, fans and business partners.
I don't care what on earth you need do to be on tonight's training call with the wonderful Montez Moss Rick Titus Ivan Ross and our team.

No matter what you must do to call in be on that call be there 9:00 Est time!

I will be revealing a secret that I have kept secret for over 40 years!
Breaking news people it is not gross, but does involve life and death.
This secret will change how you look at your life, no matter who you may be on this great earth.

Be there!
I ask Mr. Montez Moss and Mr. Rick Titus to yield me around 2-3 minutes and God Bless you.

Like Leonard Nimoy used to say LLAP.
Live Long And Prosper!!!

IF YOU NEED HELP IN LIFE! Call me 412 - 559 - 2731 I will help in any way that one can help.
Albert Torcaso

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