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30 June 2015

President Obama And Most Member Of Congress Betrayed Us Again On 6-2-2015!!!

Why does our President and Congress want to betray us so much when it comes to our privacy and civil liberites.

 President Obama And Most Members Of Congress Betrayed Us Again On 6-2-2015!!

Be I Obscene? Be I Profane? Not If Ye Be A Patriot Of The United States Of America,

Not If You Believe in Liberty. We have done what Ben Franklin warned us not to do.

We have exchanged liberty for the illusion of security and have neither.

That is what is an offense to every military hero that lives now, fights now and for all who have fought and died for this great nation.

It offends those who created America men such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson, General Grant, Yes, Robert E Lee, though I believe his cause to be wrong.

You think me obscene?

I say unto you that Ye are obscene for when did you call Congress to stop the Patriot Acts?

When did you stand against the so called Freedom Act?

202-224-3121 Call protest these laws. For when we track all information of the innocent we enslave a nation and in a larger sense we enslave an entire world!

They claim the NSA now needs a warrant!!!

Really? How soon they make Ye believe?

It does not stop them from keeping what they have it does not stop them from using it against YE or against all.



Or That of real American Patriots!

Congress and Presidents Bush and Obama have destroyed America and should be in prison for years.
Heroes seen below. Ye must peaceably join them is standing up for and defending America's freedom!

I like President Obama. Still We The People Of The United States Of America  must arrest all traitors!

Albert Torcaso 6-4-2015

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