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03 August 2015


Many people ask me why I went from being a television talk show host, blogger and podcaster to being an internet network marketer as well as a second income consultant.

Simple really to bring about abundance for the masses as well as myself.

Ask yourself have you ever had to not buy a service or product due to lack of money?
have you ever had to place products on credit or lay away and even gone into debt?

have you watched as someone you cared about suffered as a result of lack of income or maybe you know families who work one or more jobs and still do have enough to really live abundantly.

This is the reason and much more that I have searched for and found two great businesses and why there will be even more not because one goes from business to business rather it is to create many streams of income and to help others find the industry, service or product that they will thrive in marketing it.

I have viewed way too much suffering due to lack of income and in reality it is lack of paper. Billions of humans and animals suffer as a result of said lack of paper yet many question my real motives.

My motives? Not one. I seek abundance for all of us through knowledge, desire and great services and or products.

I am tired of Hunger In America  my motives are to Save Lives, To Save Cats Lives, to Save Human Lives

Due to lack of paper since 1989 I have lost three human family members and 18 pets. My mission is to Save Pets Lives as well as Save Human Lives
Your life matters it should not be about getting up every day of your life to struggle to pay for your needs, it must not be about having money to pay the bills, your life must be about having a better way to earn income one in which you earn income by rendering useful service and network marketing as well as home based businesses afford you that reality.

Might it take getting used to sure. Just apply the same work ethics you have and or must employ in your day job, learn the system take the actions and claim your abundance. 

My mission is simple a better life for all.

Review this service see that indeed it can make your reality much better

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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