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23 September 2015

It's Great To See It Again.

It's Great To See It Again

You know, my streaming device that streams movies, shows, live TV, live sports all in HD.
Well, I decided to put it to a test and searched for Voyagers an old TV show well as expected it was there the entire series.
This series was great the two would travel through time and get history corrected. 
Only thing that was not cool is you could not change history and there are many times one wants to change history. Sadly, the series went for one season only, yet had it gone more one expects there would have found a larger audience.

Bogg had a malfunctioning Omni that caused him to meet Jeffery. 
This series was great for an entire family to enjoy as well as learn history while being entertained.

Now, while I like this series one wanted to keep testing my streaming device so I looked for the 1960's series Lost In Space guess what every season, every episode was there! 

The best part is you're in control of what you want to watch when you want to watch and even on demand does not have that or most of these series. 

You never pay another fee with our streaming device other devices do have some fees, not ours. See it here.

I really liked Voyagers in fact have watched all but four episodes as of now.
By the way, was at an appointment last week and they had Maleficent.

On a DVD playing, when we arrived back home I did a search for it and boom! It was there. No fees, DVDs, DVR'S or Netflix needed. All there and all free for life.

As for series just for fun I looked up Judge Judy and they had her show even that day's episode. Judge Judy has been on for 20 seasons. 

As a friend let me say this to you if you love old, new series, films, live pay per view events and want over 100,000 movies & shows with only a one time fee and never another fee you need to see this site. 

We even have free 3d games on this baby! Give it a look and stop paying a bill to Satellite, Cable or Netflix ever again.

You're going to love this!

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