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28 September 2015

We Are Interconnected

We Are Interconnected.
We must all strive to improve our lives by improving the lives of others.
Albert Torcaso

We must strive to improve our lives by improving the lives of others. 
One reason is that it is overwhelmingly easy to look out only for yourself or family we have even been taught to do so, but in truth that is the great lie told to billions of people on this earth.

Have you ever wondered why we are groomed in such a manner?
My honest opinion is to divide and conquer the majority of humanity.

You think not? Do yo?

Well, like Yoda might say see you do not, Eyes are opened, but see you do not.

Think about it how many times have people in your life tried to scam you or get more from you than they render on to you?

Look, at the grocery stores claiming you'll receive a free turkey for Thanksgiving if you spend 250.00 - 600.00 in a given time period.
In truth, that turkey cost you in circulation of your funding the amount of money that you could have bought the largest turkeys they sell over ten times.

You're not getting a free turkey at all you're being manipulated into buying more than you need or to feel guilty in some way if you don't circulate enough funds to earn said turkey.

Everywhere we go we see the out for me mindset even in churches, temples, mosques, universities, governments and even friends. 

How? In churches, temples, mosques in the form of tithes, dues or the like and with these television so called men and women of God.

Trust me The Lord God won't condemn you for not giving to any of them. 

If you have it and just don't want to give and there really are people or animals receiving help from these donations then yes The Lord God may be angry and surely 

The Lord God would not be pleased. At the same time sending you to a bad place because of it? 
No, Any forgiving God may question your actions to be sure, but 
The Lord God is filled with love and compassion ask and ye shall receive forgiveness I believe.

You see the world has been fooled by evil and those who wish all of us to be their slaves, servants and unaware zombies, yet there are millions of people such as I am who want the best for you, humanity, animals, plants and the earth so we keep moving ahead even in the face of rejection and in what many believe impossible to achieve harmony, equality and a world of compassion, selflessness and one where all people, animals live in peace.

Where all have the income needed to circulate the funds to meet our needs.

Those of us who really have your best interest at heart must battle through those who do not.

You see, I have shown you many ways to earn an additional income, yet not one has believed enough to join and the reason is clear so shall we shout that word out?

Yes, fear is why not one of you have joined even though to join as a uni-level it's 100% free and allows you to earn 20% commissions and for the serious people who want a profitable business they can go pro for less than 50.00 dollars.

What do the pro members receive? 

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In short, in both cases you're building a business the only difference is in your rate of growth.

Join Today Never Pay For Television Or Movies Again

You must treat this or any business seriously that means putting in the activity, now, you can make money in it and you will have training, but you must do the work.

Is it hard? Not really, I work my business daily and the best part is I decide, when, how, where, all in my control.

Now, many will see this as a promotion of our business what they don't get is that we are interconnected all of us, but fail to act as one as a unit to see that your life as important as mine as all lives, instead of working to see all thrive we have been fooled by those who would divide us to enslave us. 

For if we help one another thrive in life so that no person or animal is ever without their basic needs we will have made life on earth a close second to the paradise that awaits us in the great beyond also known as the afterlife.

And did you notice the different pictures of what many believe The Lord God looks like? I believe The Lord God is as real and alive as you, as real as the homes we live in. Yes, The Lord God is alive and is real and in a way that is why many are atheists. 

Why? Because if in fact The Lord God is real, then evil is also real, if evil is real and our actions are mean that means on one great day we must defend our lives, the actions we took and the reasons.

That said even those who have been evil can be in paradise if only they seek it by asking forgiveness then being a better person in this earthly life.

You wonder why I ask you to do my businesses or any business the reason is I want to see you have the abundance you seek and is promised to you.

Some wonder if I am now a scammer I assure you that would never happen my mission in all that one does is to affect a change that improves, extends and saves lives.

When I seek you as a business partner I seek you as a person that will help yourself, family, community, nation and the world one human being or animal at a time.

Be the solution not the problem that hurts us.

Albert Torcaso 


Tell me your experiences and if you would rather speak to the real me call me and we will speak about it.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.

Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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