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28 September 2015

We The People of The United States of America And Earth

We The People of The United States of America

We The People of The United States of America must work to improve all levels of our lives and to not accept excuses, corruption, and indifference in Washington, nor our state capitols.

We must not allow corporations or special interest or any individual to gain undue influence with our members of Congress being that it is Congress that passes federal budgets.

And by default, decides on funding It is time now for all Americans to become self aware of their legal, civil and birthrights.

America was founded to create liberty for all not for the few, not for those with privilege, not for people of one pigmentation, gender, social class, those of or lack of financial means, religion or lack thereof it is not for those who have access to or lack of secondary education.

Be aware that America’s greatness is in the words of our Constitution, Declaration Of Independence and the Bill Of Rights.  

These are the words we must live each Day in America, with our very lives in how we live, teach, survive and prosper.

Far too long have our fellow Americans lost their chance at the American Dream or at least they thought it was lost.

That is not the case just perception. Make no mistake I am not saying that you have not faced roadblocks of all kinds, low paying jobs, low funds, lack of access to education, or what you have faced and lived with your entire life.

To be sure, it has been your reality as it has also been mine for many years so I know the truth, the pain, the hurt.

Here is the truth my friends, we cannot be stopped by anything once our mindset changes and even though what you will read from here on out may seem impossible or odd know that many of the richest people in history obtained their wealth from these types of mindsets and actions.

When your mindset changes the world and universe seems to change your life, your reality.
Yes, like books such as Think And Grow Rich, The Power Of Positive Thinking, The Science Of Getting Rich, The Secret the books and what they teach or attempt to teach really works.

Trust me for a long time I also believed it could not be true after all even after reading all these books nothing changed in my life.

You know why that was? I did not really believe it, some maybe, but not really.
Then I came across a group of people who were like gifts from God Mr. Montez  Moss, and others who care about you as a person first and your life enough to keep pushing you to get going and never stop.

Some People may wonder how this latest part of the post has any relation to the first part.

As one has said we must do better, but the truth is if we don’t do this first by ourselves then with mentors and the like it will never happen.

The sad truth is our governments, corporations, and many others will never fulfill the Promise Of America, will never bring abundance to you.

In fact our state and federal governments treat millions of Americans like fifth rate no class citizens.

Example: Needs based Americans are many times not allowed to have more than 2,000 dollars in their bank accounts, no savings, IRA’S Bonds, Stocks nothing!

Thus not allowing Millions Of Americans the access to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

We must see what has been hidden reveal what has been an illusion to many. Then we take action.

Instead of looking at the wrong things or roadblocks in our lives, our nation or world we work to make the change. We first make the change for ourselves then our families and expand it as far as we can.

Our first change comes not in our activism, outrage, cries for fairness, equality, justice or any of this our first change comes from our minds.

Our mindset can change worlds trust me Bill Gates is a real human being, but when he first set out to create Microsoft many thought he was insane and many abandoned him or took away their investments when they did not see early results.

What made Gates successful intelligence to be sure, but what really made him a success was his mindset, his willingness to do what others won’t do today to live like others can’t tomorrow. (I heard Javier Hernandez utter these very words) 
They echo in my brain and help me to stay on the path.

His determination to keep going when he has seemingly failed to never give up.

He, as most successful people succeed because of mindset then actions.

I say all this to say unto you that there are no limits to your success, only the limits your mind has set for you. It is time for you to break the chains and rise up like the champions you really are. I say unto you change your mindset, read, listen and watch these books, audios, webinars videos and do all that it takes to recreate your mind.

Our America is a great land, but if you are waiting for your American Dream it won’t come from our government, churches, temples, corporations, universities or any of what millions were taught to believe.

It won’t come from honest loyal, hard work or staying at your current job.
Your American Dream, Indian Dream, Cuban Dream, Israeli Dream or any nation on this great earth that you live in.

It won’t come from anyone but you and your starting a business, joining one, inventing or some other way of you earning and creating self employment,

The very first step is changing your mindset can you do it? YES!

Over the last few weeks I have done things I never thought I would Saturday September 26th 2015 I stopped a stranger in a Wal Mart and told him and his son about my business. I told him I was told there is no way you can just stop a stranger hand them a flyer and expect them to take or keep it. Well, I did just that and the man kept it!

A few months ago there is no way I would have done that, but thanks to positive thinking, mindset changes, Montez Moss, Rickey Titus  Ivan Ross, Javier Hernandez, Jane Walker and my belief in myself and Annette I now know the only one stopping me when I let him is 
Montez Moss has been a mentor, family member and a hero to me.

Dream big my friends, change your mindset and the universe will AMAZE YOU!

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

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