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14 November 2015

Back To The Future! Going Back To Older And Newer Videos To Keep Changing Lives.

Back To The Future! Going Back To Older And Newer Videos To Keep Changing Lives

You know over the last three years I have created well over three hundred videos and have edited many, but I have not posted all of them online. 

Over the next few months I will be doing just that so you will see some or many videos that you have seen before.

I ask that you listen to each one and share each one with everyone you know on earth and here's why.

Each one always has a purpose that purpose is to improve and empower your life.
Some by giving entertainment, others by informing people on issues as well as those to help you find and or start a home based business.

Why a business? Because be you sell balloons on the street, hot dogs,tacos, have a store in a mall or a vendor in the mall you will be able to start being your own boss and working to have financial freedom in your life.

You will never again be a wage or time slave!

To own a franchise business such as Popeye's Chicken it's hundreds of thousands of dollars and you give them a percentage for life. 

Some businesses such as these require a 
million dollar investment.

Why a home business? Start up cost are 10,000 a year or less and many are less, than 5,000 to start some amazingly low cost and my friends.

I am in one that is free to start and 49.95 a month to become a professional member.

When they become a pro they have access to over three hundred thousand discounts with access to these discounts by your wireless devices and smart phones as well as a web site. 

They also have access to our travel perks discounts on travel that is always lower than  any other travel site up to 80% off the price in many cases.

Pro members also receive bonuses such as up to 40% bonuses on their pro members sales. The pro member who made the sale wins as does the sponsor.

Instead of investing thousands or many thousands or millions of dollars you can invest less than 50.00 dollars a month.

Here is another great fact once you have a few pro members that you have sponsored you will be able to keep 49.95 in your account and in affect not ever have to pay it again.

You should also know that your pro membership fee is a tax deduction because it is a cost of doing business.

I have another business that is a one time payment of 40.00, 60.00 or 80.00 dollars depending on which level of service you would like. 

After your first payment there it will only be 19.95, 29.99 or 39.99 a month!

Each time you have someone get the service you earn 80.00 dollars and at the 39.99 level you also end up on their comp plan that can achieve you receiving residual income each month.
Which means you earn money each month they pay for their membership.

The other business also has a fantastic comp plan.

By the way, uni-level members on my Vstream business can earn 40.00 dollars for each unit sold, but the potential to earn up to 200.00 dollars each unit.

Notice that I have disclosed information about both of my great businesses, but no links.
That is because this is not a pitch.

It is about improving your life, it's about being able to have enough income to break free of not being able to afford something, it's about being able to afford health care access or a nursing home should you or anyone in your family ever needs it.

This is the reason I do what I do it's not just about us or one of us this is about all of us.

And don't worry I will also have new videos as well as many other things here you know me I speak about any and all issues.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! 
Call me 
412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

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