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17 November 2015

My Thoughts Are With The People Of France.

What words can really be written that others have not written?
What words can express the horror that is felt by the people who were killed, injured or their families, their nation.
In truth, the people of France cannot gain any security of comfort from our words or from any words written, or spoken by any of the seven billion plus human beings on this great planet.

What the French People need what the nation of France and all nations need is an end to all terrorism, an end to violence.

The militaries of this earth have the means to kill every living human, animal and plant on this earth the power to kill all seven billion plus souls.

What they do not have is the power to end terrorism anywhere on earth.

Fear not People Of France, Fear Not my fellow human beings for we have the power to wipe terrorism from the face of this earth!

We have powers that no military on earth has not even if every nation on earth combined their people or weapons could not defeat terrorism?

How then do we defeat terrorism?

The astounding truth is that we the citizens of France and all nations can end terrorism and without one shot! How?

As crazy as it sounds with love, compassion, understanding, tolerance, shelter, clothing, food, education, access to great employment and money.

You see at its core we are deceived into believing that terrorism in many cases is based on religion or how one believes what practices one does or does not abide by and certain laws or many religions. While it is true that these types of groups are killing people it is in a larger sense a deception.

Governments and terrorist groups both deceive us in this way, but the truth is that all governments around the globe are guilty of allowing people to go hungry to starve to death, to go homeless or lack medical care, money, food, education, well paying income from employment.

My nation,

The United States Of America has a President and Congress that allows multi national corporations to pay little or no taxes as well as allowing the wealthiest Americans, Corporations, religions and non profits to pay little or no taxes and many corporations have downsized their job.force.

Causing millions of people to be unemployed or under employed.
This cause many in my nation as well as all nations to go hungry, homeless, without access to secondary education, high paying employment with opportunity for advancement which keeps people suffering,fighting to survive which can lead to fostering hatred of a race of people, religion, or nation

Which many times leads to the path to terrorism one can only wonder what makes a person willing to kill another person for no other reason that they don't believe as we do or that they have a different faith, color of skin or sexual preference.

But my friends around the world if we legally, peacefully protest in our cities, streets, capitals, and compel our governments,corporations, schools, banks, financial institutions to create a fair chance in the race of life for all.

Then people will be fed, have money, shelter, water, clothing, savings, education and finally HOPE!

You see my friends when most have access to their needs terrorism around the globe will end because Most People will be content, they will not be willing to be paid to die in suicide attacks for they won't need to accept the money given to their families after they have died.

If we have income and basic needs met the world over for all then the terrorists nations, groups and individuals will not have many people willing to die for their sick and evil causes.

Yes, my French family I stand with you and I say unto you and the world let us use this tragedy to spark a call to all governments find ways to provide for all people in your nation, find the guts to say no to super wealthy corporations that don't want to pay their fair share of taxes that causes your citizens to suffer greatly.

My fellow human beings let us stand with the people of France, let us also resolve to stop terrorism by ensuring that all people have their basic needs met.


The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

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