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18 November 2015

Stand Up For America Or Stay Home! On 7-4-2016 And Beyond.

Stand Up Or Stay Home!
I guess many people are going to wonder why I created a series of what seems to be me going off on some odd rambling when in fact my fellow Americans it is the opposite.

You see way before Edward Snowden and others I created the Surveillance Nation series way back in 2009 or 2008.

This is the deal my American family there is way too much surveillance of innocent Americans, visitors to America and outright unconstitutional violations being allowed and committed by Congress and Presidents Bush and Obama.

You must understand that with The Patriot Acts, The Military Commissions Acts of 2006, 2009, The National Defense Authorization Acts along with the suspension of
Habeas Corpus the U.S Government and most law enforcement have almost unlimited powers to arrest you and detail you and if you’re accused of that dreaded word they can keep you detained forever and even kill you.

Yes, even Americans I ask you not to believe a word I say or write, rather I ask you to research these and other laws. Use search engines online, go to a library, find someone that can have you see these laws for yourself.

Here in lies the problem we no longer have liberty it is but a delusion at worst and illusion at best.

These laws allow our government to access everything you write, look at, call on any device, what you eat, drink, your medical records, bank records everything you do.

Now, I ask you does that sound like liberty or freedom to you in any forum?

Go to a doctor read the forms that you fill out, go to open an account at any financial institution you’ll notice signs or papers saying due to the Patriotic act we must report. Then the policy is explained. Open a cell phone, internet, or landline account and you’ll learn even there our government has deals that allows us to be spied upon.

THIS NAZI oppressive style of government must end! It is an insult to every American who has ever served in uniform to defend our nation. Every living and deceased veteran should curse those in Washington DC.

What are the members of our Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, and all the reservist really defending?

What are they living and dying for? And when our American military heroes had come home from past wars and up to the present why have we had so many not been given the best medical care, mental health, housing, and basic needs?

These men and women gave, and give their all for this nation, yet Washington DC deserts them!

Footnote The U.S Marine Commanders betrayed former Male Marines who got breast cancer from stuff that happened while they served. Yes, the Marines, DC left Marines Behind and some DIED!
They could not get the treatment they needed! A national Disgrace! Research it!

Damn right I’m pissed off!

Then they return home to a police state! Yes, we live in a police state! Doubt my words?

Every store, hospital, university, ball field, casino, fast food store, heck everywhere has cameras on you!

This crap, yes CRAP about these cameras reducing, controlling crime and protecting is one of the BIGGEST LIES EVER TOLD TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

These cameras only serve to spy on the innocent and for the record about eight years ago a child was kidnapped and killed taken from a cameras filled CASINO! She was kidnapped, raped and killed! I Believe KTLA had the report.


In the words of one of America’s heroes GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

We protected America from all enemies, and terrorists from 1776 until 1991 the first attack on the World Trade Center after that and 2001 our nation has turned into a police state claiming it is to protect us from terrorism.

Really? Did our intelligences agencies stop being able to protect our nation? NO! They go lazy then crazy with absolute power!

We have one of the best armed forces on earth they protected us for over 214 years without us being attacked and still they make us proud!

We don’t need our government, corporations, and private citizens helping to make America a police state.


Those who would exchange liberty for security deserve neither.
Benjamin Franklin!

Home of the brave yes!
Land of the Free? NO!!!
Give us freedom and we will fight the terrorist united and FREE!

Copyright 2015 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
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