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12 December 2015

A Day Is Not A Thing To Waste!

A Day Is Not A Thing To Waste.

Quit wasting days on things that do not move you forward in life. 
You deserve better. 

I have had many setbacks every day of my life be they appointments, tech issues, unexpected things that happened and yeah, people getting sick.

Many of us in our lives find us having to stop working on our careers, businesses or education or worse being distracted.

We must strive to overcome our roadblocks in life. Sure, distractions do happen, but we have to fight back to doing what it is we were doing to change or improve our lives. 

Sure, it's hard, but if we don't get done we will be hurting ourselves, our children and of course the change to make those changes.

Trust me on this as I write these very words I am at a computer that is only giving me thirty minutes of time.

Every word I type must be thought of at the moment I type it as I do not have posts written before I come up with the thought process, my talk show, and author style is to have all or as much of my content be as it happens. Sometimes called improvisational.

That being the case in order to bring you this post one has to think and type fast and trust me my typing is not that fast.

The point? What's in it for you? Only this do not waste a second of your day. If you're a MLM business person and your, friends, co - workers, and family say no or no thank you to your deal. Just say next!

If you're in a career that wants to keep you down or a nasty employer won't give you a chance for advancement, look for another career, start you own business, become a home business owner or network market / internet marketer and go to that boss and say next!

If you're in any grade in school, a university and the instructors are doubting you or giving you issues. 

Start proving to yourself that you can win, you can learn what it is that you have not yet mastered.

Do this and when the time comes go to that instructor or in your mind say next!

No matter what you're doing in life you will achieve it if you will not quit. If you will not let anyone on this planet tell you that you cannot achieve.

I BELIEVE IN YOU AND I AM 100,0000,0000% that you can achieve it.
Yes, I shouted it out because your success means so much to me that I will shout it out as you are more than a reader to me, more than a friend you are someone I care about just as much as I care about my family.

Sure, it;s a hard concept to grasp in this world of terror, wars, crime, death and evil but I really do care that much about you. This is why I give you my phone number in each post. 

This is why I keep on you about self employment.

It is the reason I tell you that you must join one of my businesses for when you do you will not only be setting up your own path, not only your own business, not only your way out of financial slavery you sir, you ma'am, will be joining my family and our team's family.

Do this go here this second. 
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Then Tuesday at 9:00 pm Est Time or Thursday Est Time be here.
Explains everything about VstreamTV, the company and how you can save and earn money, potentially a large amount of it. No promises you have to work to earn.

Finally, after you learn the truth you sign up and join our family.

Click here then join, under join you go to cart then affiliate sign up follow everything and make sure to write down your username and password it's super vital!

This is the link for signing up and seeing what you're missing out on every night.
Now, Some People will say well, Albert Torcaso got his pitch into those people I say this, It's to help you see what's in it for you and how it helps you and for that I will never say I am sorry.


A wise person would visit the site above for people who value their lives and want the best. Go to that site and stop wasting days.

This minute go to

Don't question why just go and grab your abundance today by starting on your path to success and astounding excitement.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

 Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!
 Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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