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31 December 2015

A Tale Of Two Years.

A Tale Of Two Years.


It's New Year's Eve and Then New Year's and where am?

I working on my computer to make yet another record.

Yes, I am racing against time to complete at least two more posts to add to my record and to greet you into the New Year.

You bet I will Celebrate the end of 2015 and the rebirth, awakening of myself and hopefully each of you.

Sure they look well a bit crazy or fake, who cares let us all get this happy for real.

You see this woman? She's driving crazy and maybe fast!

Well, I am racing to see how fast I become a millionaire in 2016! 

Why are you sitting there get in to the race of life.

As Leonard Nimoy said LLAP = Live Long And Prosper.

 As Leonard Nimoy said LLAP = Live Long And Prosper.

Leonard Nimoy
Live Long And Prosper.

We need to be very happy like these faces and this cool, crazy pictures of the dog and cat.

Let us work wise, work hard when we must, but let us create our reality of being a millionaire this very year! 

We have shed too many tears in our lives due to loved ones suffering and leaving us because we did not have the income to give them the best medical treatments or cures.


Yet, even as we mark a new year I face another extremely sad situation. 
Yes, I know that my change has come that the Miracle is as real as life itself, you, me, cars, boats etc. 

And I know that just as we change our mindsets our realities change. 

Still one knows that sad and evil things will still happen in life the real change in us comes in our being able to adapt to everything.

With that let me say did you ever stop and think that as I write this post in America's Eastern  Time Zone we really are in two years at once.

Over on the opposite side of the earth as it relates to
The United States Of America. They have been in 2016 for many hours now, yet in our nation it's 2015!

Crazy right? So, as we are living in two years at once it in affect is 
A Tale Of Two Years.

What will 2016 hold for me? Well, each day that
The Lord Thy God blesses me to live I am going to take action, but massive action not just a bit of it.

Here is just a bit of what I will be doing daily.
Calling 50 to 500 people per day to share the super news that they no longer need be robbed by cable, satellite or any media companies.

The VS2 Media Center is a top of the line complete VS2 Media Center.

It has an HD Camera built into the device.

It has a remote control with a microphone and a mouse.

It allows you to watch all movies in theaters, pay per views, sports you name it.

You can use Skype yes they have an add on for it, you can do Google Hangouts, video e-mail and more.

And this part is the best it's 100% legal as you are only streaming content no uploading or downloading.

Watch anything you love without contracts, monthly fees or any packages! Nothing!

I don't have Starz, but have proof that you can watch Ash Vs Evil Dead a series on that network.

And with IPTV or IPTVStalker you can watch live television networks and shows and other ways to watch live television.

Go have a look because in 2016 you need to be both saving and 
earning money.

Will also be helping people never need to worry about being in trouble while driving because my other business is a Driver's Protection / Roadside Protection service you pay only 4.95 a week for and have super benefits. 

Unlimited Service Calls, Up to 100 miles.
  • Traffic Ticket Protection.
  • Unlimited Uses for tows, flat tires, unlocking your vehicles door and jump starts.
  • 500.00 Travel Reimbursement.
  • Save up to 50% on prescriptions, vision and dental.
  • 50,000 Dollars In Accidental Death Protection if you or a family member are killed unfortunately in an automobile accident.
  • Free membership we will pay four months of your membership for each referral.
  • to sign up and be safe out there when in a vehicle.
I will also be producing, hosting Humanity Matters Live,

I will be producing, hosting Humanity Matters Podcast.

Producing, writing content for Humanity Matters Dot Org.

Creating videos that appear on my television show, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and other places online.

Most importantly my mission will never end until we reach that financial freedom reality.

If you only wish to dream yourself as a millionaire do so, but if like me you will become a millionaire in 2016 I need you be be focused, honest with yourself and me.

Can you earn a million or 12 million dollars in a year? 

PLEASE! Do you really still have any doubt?

Look at the side margins man! Look at the side margins woman!

Please believe. Do you think it normal to compose over 102 posts in a month? 
It is a Miracle just face it.

And be you follow me into these riches or be you a slave to your own mind of doubt I will be here to encourage you to believe.

Do I really believe I will be a millionaire in this one short year?

Do I really believe you could earn 1 dollar to twelve million dollars in a year?



Join and prosper! Drivers Protection.
VS2 Media Center Never Pay for Television Again! 

Stop crying poor and let's get you earning an astounding income.

I am a talk show host as well. Wednesday's 12:00 pm Est Time. 

Comcast 21 Pittsburgh PA, Fios 47 Pittsburgh, PA 

I want you to earn income at home. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

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