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29 December 2015

Albert Torcaso Takes A Stand Against Donald Trump And Haters @RealDonaldTrump

You know I liked Donald Trump a bit, but his hatred has me very upset with him and yeah, he has some good points and yes, I will read some of his books, but his and many people on this earth.

Really need to stop hating people or trying to cause us to hate each other.

His attacking Muslims through his hateful words.

His attacking the disabled and the disabled reporter through his hateful words.

His attacking Senator John McCain and our heroic veterans through his hateful words.

His attacking Mexicans through his hateful words.
and others needs to stop!

Donald Trump, you need to leave this race, you need to change your ways of hatred and you really need to know that yes, you have nine BILLION DOLLARS, BUT YOU ARE NOT 


You are not The Lord Thy God and all haters the world over need to cease and desist from your hateful actions at once!


Hey, Donald, get some implants and fix your hair Donald Trump, with nine billion dollars do you really need to have a bad hair eternity.

Your actions of hatred are far worse than that bad looking hair on your head.

Not hating you, or your hair Donald Trump, but I am sick of your hateful words and actions Donald trump. #DonaldTrump @RealDonaldTrump.

Stop the hatred Donald Trump and all of humanity know that it's time for an outpouring of LOVE!!!

Shout out THE LOVE!!!

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I don't hate you @RealDonaldTrump just your hatred.

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