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19 December 2015

Blogger Is Not Displaying The Content Correctly,

Blogger Is Not Displaying The Content Correctly

I wanted you to know on my most recent posts about America's Surveillance Nation
The content is very distorted I have done my utmost to correct it, but for some unknown reason Blogger Is Not Displaying The Content Correctly.

I do hope that you will watch the series of videos that speaks about these laws that have been and keep being added to our nation that has taken most if not all of our civil liberties away.

Blogger has been causing sentences to be cut off, words separated and the content looks very disjointed. 

I wrote the content and it was very hard for me to read it due to the way Blogger has it on the page.

That being said one felt that this post was in order for a few reasons.

One: To explain why the texts looks so odd and 

Two: To let you know that if you're having these issues on your blog you are not alone others have this issue as well.

You may want to contact Blogger's support team or look up possible answers in a community that offers answers to problems.

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