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29 December 2015

Congratulations On Being My New Business Partner!!!

Congratulations On Being My New Business Partner!!!
Are you a bit confused by this title and this post? Don't be.

You see a massive change happened in my life in late October or Early November I don't remember the date that it happened, but a massive groundbreaking change happened and you may not have even known it, but these last two months you were witnessing a miracle.

And that will be explained in the next post maybe even some in the next twelve posts.

As for you joining my business trust me it is as certain as the stars in the universe.

You have a need for income right?
You want a lot of it right?
You're tired of working like crazy and getting no where right?

Well, that's why you decided to become a pro perks plus member of our VstreamTV team.

What? Yes, I am projecting into the future and guess what you and I have earned more money than anyone who knew us thought we could and we have saved around 18,000 dollars off of taxes.

Want something even wilder than that? 

You now earn more money in a week than your former boss did in five months!

I know you're saying yeah right Al's dreaming. No, remember, we are speaking of the future. 

Getting real. At first, you had a hard time getting units sold and people joining as a pro perks plus member then when you sold your first ten that changed.

This is no prediction, no dream it is as real as you and the sky. So, get to your future start the day you see this post be it tonight Dec - 29- 2015 or be in four years from now.

I am a talk show host as well. Wednesday's 12:00 pm Est Time. Comcast 21 Pittsburgh PA, Fios 47 Pittsburgh, PA I want you to earn income at home. Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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