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04 December 2015

CREED Review.

I have just finished watching the new movie CREED at around 3:36 am on my own time at home. I had decided to watch the new movie CREED because one has always been a Rocky fan as well as a fan of the Apollo Creed character.

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Therefore, having always liked the films I watched this one.

As expected it had a formula style theme, you know a Rocky style plot. Well, I found it to be a bit gritty with Adonis Creed the son of Apollo one also starts to remember why the Rocky films hold a special place in our memories, our hearts and minds.

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They are the stories of us, of all people who have ever been down in life, turned away, told you can't you just have no chance and least anyone thinks that this movie is just an easy ride for Apollo's son even Rocky himself is not open to Apollo as a boxer at first.

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This story reminds us that though the fight is hard it is in fact more than possible to achieve what we desire in life. 

It shows how we can beat every roadblock in life if we have determination, some help and an unwillingness to give up.

CREED is going to bring you back to the times when you felt like you could change the world and the odd thing about it my friends, is that we can change the world.

See CREED, enjoy it, take every second in and know that hope lives in you as well.

Two thumbs way high for CREED.

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