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08 December 2015

December 7th 1941 Still A Date That Lives In Infamy

December 7th 1941 Still A Date That Lives In Infamy

Yes, December 7th 1941 is still a date that lives in infamy for it is another date of death, of WAR, another date where people filled with hatred ignited a second world war. WW2 ended millions of lives around this planet, lives lost, lives ended because of hatred, selfishness, greed, misplaced nationalism in apparent patriotism.

Though the attack happened 74 years ago yesterday 12-7-2015. 

This year marked seventy four years that have past since that tragic date in history.

And the truth is there are many people alive still
Who have pain, anger, hatred, but many have forgiven these horrible acts and have even visited former enemies some becoming friends.

And truth is I love all people that includes people of German, Italian and Japanese ancestry. 

That said yeah, I am of Italian ancestry, but it ticks me off that Italy fought against The United States Of America for a time and had a dictator. 

It also angers me that Hitler's Nazis, Emperor of Japan's military and Mussolini's military caused so much death. 

Yes, I still get angry as do many people around the globe who witnessed or faced torture and death or lost loved ones to war and genocide.

Being honest, I feel the same anger when I watch a movie, show or documentary about the actions of the Nazis and Japanese with civilians and captured allied sailors, marines, army, navy or any military person. 

Yes, I love all people and I am glad we are friends and allies of those very nations, but when I see that it hurts and angers me. 

Make no mistake the allies were just as bad at times with prisoners so no person is without pain.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States dropped the atomic bomb millions of lives lost in almost every nation and for what?

Yes, this date matters for it teaches us many things.

That all hatred must end, that all terrorism, wars, must end as well as telling us that some wounds won't heal, some hatred never ends, some acts never forgiven and though that is depressing it also shows us that for the most part enemies can become friends and allies. 
That actions can be forgiven by most if not by all.

It shows that we must strive above all to bring Peace to our world, to Live In Peace with all people, to Honor Peace and to work to have the needs of all seven billion people on earth be met.

WAR has broken out because of water rights, resources, and economic need. 
If we as a race, the human race will work together to ensure all have their needs met, there will be no more dates of infamy because all people will be content and wish to 
Live In Peace.

Never Pay Cable / Satellite Again.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

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