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10 December 2015

How Could Anyone Lack Trust If I Will Reveals Such A Secret?

Al’s 49 Year Secret Revealed

Albert Torcaso

For Those Of You Who Make Excuses To Not Live Your Dream, Not Work Your Business Be It VStreamTV VS2 Media Center Or Something Else.  Hear Me Now YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!

Hey, I Had A Heartbeat three times that of a normal human being.Did I Let My Heart Issues STOP ME? NO! I have been in over 115 local Pittsburgh PA made Movies and I am a twelve year talks show host. Yes, it's e your dreams.on public access SO WHAT! I am a talk show host. Now, get off your cans NOW! And Live your dreams.


I do advise each of you to sit down.


You're about to hear a 49 year old secret revealed one that may well have a huge impact on my acting, talk show and journalistic career!

Get this I don't care!

A person of honor hides not behind the truth such a person reveals truths no matter the price!

As you hear these revelations come to learn the truth about who and what I am and then realize why I care so deeply about life both human and animal.

Call me when you decide to have a life filled with abundance and when you won't settle for what some people would give you.

Albert Torcaso

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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