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29 December 2015

How To Save Our Lives.

 How To Save Our Lives.

We can achieve everything we wish to achieve and in the posts that come after this that will end up on by 12-30-2015.

You will witness something amazing that only 
The Lord Thy God, Jesus Christ And 
The Holy Spirit could have had me and in a real sense us achieve. Be ready for a miracle because you are witnessing one as you see this post.

Non - believers I love you as well, but the truth shall not be denied and even though you can't see, feel or hear The Lord Thy God, Jesus Christ or The Holy Spirit they are always with us even when we die they are there.

I never really believed in any so called holy books and even now I suspect that humanity lied about The Lord Thy God and be I right or wrong, be you a non- believer or of any faith.

The Lord Thy God is real brothers and sisters The Lord Thy God is as real as you and 

I believe that Jesus is the way and the light. 
I also believe that The Lord Thy God sent each prophet and though they looked different, had different names, or looks the truth is all were God's son. Or daughter.

I believe The Lord Thy God has brought all of them to you and yes, I know billions of people would disagree with me and that is exactly what Lucifer wants us to do.

These acts of war, terrorism, hatred of other faiths, in fighting or anything that pulls humanity apart all are of evil in forms sometimes acting light the light!

Yes, The Lord Thy God loves all of us so non- believers will still end up in paradise and Muslims, Jews and Christians may harm and kill each other and hate each other on this planet, but will all find themselves right next to each other in paradise.

Those who kill will need to ask for forgiveness and may have things to do, then again The Lord Thy God decides that not us.

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Comcast 21 Pittsburgh PA, Fios 47 Pittsburgh, PA I want you to earn income at home. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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