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12 December 2015

I Can Love And Believe In The Lord Jesus Christ And It Shall Not Offend You.

I Can Love And Believe In The Lord Jesus Christ And It Shall Not Offend You.

You know I Love You, Yes, on a spiritual level  I Love You, I love humanity and animals as well.

To me you may be a non believer, a pagan, a person of another faith and I still Love You.

That said for the last thirty some years something VERY BAD HAS HAPPENED!

People are afraid to say these words in public.
I Love The Lord Thy God, I Love Jesus And The Holy Spirit.
So, let me shout it out here.
There, it is done I have publicly and loudly shouted out my love of 
The Lord Thy God, and Jesus Christ.

Guess what I won't take it back, I won't regret it and even if the Anti Christ, Lucifer himself gave me the choice of renouncing God and Jesus or being put to death I would choose death! 

I will not renounce The Lord God or Jesus. Sure, Lucifer would kill me SO WHAT!

My eternal soul will still end up in paradise my soul would be with Father God
Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, angels and loved ones.

My soul belongs to Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. God Is.

Jesus does live and both are as real as cars, trucks, buses, vans and taxi's on our streets.

That said, I Love all people be they of or of not the faith that I believe in another faith or a non believer. 

I Love You, when I speak about The Lord God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit it is never to convert you or to offend it is about compassion and love.

We must stop being afraid of Christians, Jews, Seeks, Muslims or any religion, we must allow prayer of all types back into schools and other places.

For the non believer and their children we must allow an exception, to have another choice and we must tell all who pray not to treat differently those who lost or do not have faith.

It's time Jesus, and all of our world faith's be given back RESPECT.

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST, and it's time we shout it out.

To my world family be you a Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or any other faith.

I love you and I advise you to proclaim your faith, shout it out, but do not seek to bring others to your way of thinking love them and see where their paths may lead.



Be strong in your beliefs, be strong in your love for all creation.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!
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