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28 December 2015

I Care Not Why They Are There Just That They Are There.

I Care Not Why They Are There Just That They Are There.

Three days ago it was Jesus Christ's 
Birthday it was December 25th 2015. Christmas. 
There were dinners, and gifts for those in need here and many places on earth.

And throughout  The United States Of America and the world. 

I am sure these events, reached in to the millions to help the millions of people in need around the globe which of course meant millions of volunteers. 

Many, many people volunteered to collect food, clothing, gifts around the world in the spirit of Christmas and giving of themselves in so many ways.

Gifts that could be anything, bikes, toys sports items just about anything.
Then they wrapped or other volunteers wrapped the gifts.

Still others cooked the food they received, donated and bought for many people in need. 

I witnessed many people providing and receiving help. 

I reflected each time I thought of or reflect again when I think of what these volunteers have done and do.

Each second of each day in almost every place on earth there are volunteers helping other people. 

Building, homes, repairing homes, teaching many skills, building ways for people to have water where there is none, teaching others how to grow food, or who knows what.

They are also repairing and providing hope, rekindling faith in 
The Lord Thy God and in humanity.

We have doctors volunteering to help the helpless and oh so much more.

Women and men fighting fires, police, attorneys and just about every profession has people who volunteer.

This is the better aspects of humanity it is what I aspire to see all people be the one who helps the people, animals, earth when they or it needs help.

This is what inspires me and the truth is these volunteers may not even know how much their deeds matter to so many lives. 

We see bad actions, wars, terrorism racism, ageism and hatred every day and witness untold evil when we see it on the news or it impacts someone we know.

Yet we forget there is so much good in this world, so much good that goes unreported and even here I don't report enough of it.

I will try to change that, but if I do not for whatever reason have more human interest stories and actions of those who are helpful and heroic know that they do exist and help daily.

And not to bring any part of this article down, yes, I have been among those who have benefited from volunteers and they helped in a way one can't really express enough what their actions have done to help and impact their lives.

Sometimes though you do get a bit upset, because you come to care for the people as friends and then they are gone out of your life usually forever.

And in some cases you wonder if they meant the words they said to you or about you. 

There are times when you wonder why they really volunteered.
Was it required for some college or high school? 

Were they ordered by a judge such as is often done as community service.  

To be sure some have reasons other than just compassion or caring for humanity, animals, or nature and the truth is when you grow to care about a person and then never see them again it is painful.

But in the end I care not why they are there just that they are there. 

I have witnessed hundreds of people being fed, people receiving food, children having gifts or needed clothes and it really is so gratifying to witness.

One year I was able to volunteer to pick out and place presents in a pile that would go to children and teenagers that would otherwise not have anything for Christmas.

it felt so good to know that my actions would help make a child and their parents happy. 

It felt as if i was receiving those gifts and yes, it was also fun.

The thing I want all volunteers to  know is your actions help and do extend, improve and change lives. 

You're just being there doing what you do helps in so many ways the next time you volunteer and no person thanks you know that you have been thanked by me for your deeds.

Know that they may not speak the words to you, but they thank you and when some are mean or quiet they do thank you, but may not know how to express it. 
Are there those who receive help who take advantage of the help? 

Free stuff, gifts, food etc? 

Are there frauds yes, to be sure there are or those jealous that someone else had a larger portion or gift? 

Sure, those things happen.

And truth is when you have little and see others having a bit more than you sometimes it feels bad or you're not as thought of, yeah that does upset you a bit.

For me though I look at it and if I ever have such emotional thoughts I think WOW! Albert shut up man you're alive, you have a home, food, clothing, health care man shut up!

You see I am BLESSED. 

I am able to look at things and analyze objectively what one really has and to focus on the great blessing we have.

I'll say this as well, one has volunteered and has helped people as well as having received help so I do believe 
The Lord Thy God 
is watching us and that Karma is very real.

When I had no where to turn for some extremely vital repairs or other things and I prayed all of the sudden and after having not received the help before all of the sudden. Help arrived.

The Lord Thy God 
and Karma are as real as the planes, jets, rockets, space station, satellites and probes in the sky.      

Yes, there are many reasons a person volunteers, and I for one am beyond grateful for them.

And by the way next year if the Salvation Army has the Angel Tree or another type of volunteering to pick out and wrap gifts do it. 
There is so much joy in it you won't really ever forget it.  


The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. Albert Torcaso

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