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24 December 2015

I Disagree With Most Of This Article.

I Disagree With Most Of This Article.

The article speaks about a world without growth, due to having to reduce fossil fuels.
It claims without such fuels we would have to reduce growth worldwide then it says that without economic growth civilization could not survive even after admitting that in the past people survived.

Yes, it explains about the wars of the past and in some ways I could almost see some of their points, but where the economists, scientists fail in their conclusions is that we can reduce and even eliminate all fossil fuels and keep growing our economies.

You say impossible? No Ma'am, No Sir, it is not.
For you forget we have the sun, the rain and the wind, and though I think it unsafe we also have nuclear fuel.

We have an endless supply of energy for fuels and we can use the remaining fossil fuels at a reduced rate to make the products we make.

Many will say solar and wind is not that effective or widespread.
To the people who say this I would say that is due to industry and due to corporations, industries not wanting to lose trillions of dollars in revenue.

Yet, the countries and corporations that adapt to wind, solar, nuclear and other energies will be the nations, corporations that survive.

We only need look to the stars our sun can create the fuels we need, we only need to use the knowledge of the people of the globe to make these fuels much more efficient and of course we can do this.

Truth is, these articles of doom that even the New York Times allows serves someone's purpose. 

The real truth is that we can provide solar filled or wind filled machines, homes, buildings, cars to all who need them, we can cause each person on earth to afford such devices and in so doing we can expand economic growth.

You may ask a wind powered car, train, truck, minivan? Yes, you need to remember the human mind only need think of it then we as a people can work together to create the inventions that change our world.

Crazy is it to say a wind, solar, or water powered vehicle? Well Riddle Me This Batman? What runs on electric much of the time and uses very little fuel known as petroleum, petro or gasoline? 

The answer is hybrid vehicles. 

Think for a minute of all that is routine in our lives and remember not one of these things not even a light bulb was invented five hundred years ago.

Could changing fuels change many things and cause much pain to many? 
Yes, but if we do nothing and climate change gets much worse it could well kill everyone of the seven billion plus humans on earth.

As for population control those words sicken me for it amounts to humanity attempting to play God once more. What shall we do instead of population control?

Have all nations work together to create global space exploration and find other suitable planets for us to live on not all of us, but whomever wishes to be pioneers and we must seek to colonize such planets, moons or other places, but to co - exist with other beings that we surely will encounter when we explore distant planets and galaxies.

You think my ideas bizarre? Ask Thomas Edison's spirit what most thought when he claimed he could improve on the incandescent light bulb.

It is far better for humanity to at least work to bring forth such ideas as one has posed than to live in the doom this article would have us face.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

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