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25 December 2015

I Met Marty Allen Again, Why It Should Matter To You. Don't Skip This Post.

I Met Marty Allen Again, Why It Should Matter To You. Don't Skip This Post.

I am sure at least a few of you may read this title and be tempted to pass it up. Don't. 

As always the title is only another way to share the great news of all of our lives with you.

How could my meeting a famous comedian that many people don't even remember or know unless they look him up online or in Pandora?  

Mean something to you? Well, 

Marty Allen 
Is one very talented and funny person and you will learn that if you do some research.

This happens to be about the third time I met him in my life and this one is the most amazing of all! 

Why well I will get to that, but first read a second about him before or after you read on.

Marty Allen. Article.

I first met Marty Allen when I was somewhere between seven and eleven years old in a hospital while we were both visiting loved ones.

Here was this famous guy right in front of me and what did I do? 

I asked him to get on a pay phone and speak to my friend Harry

Crazy as it was he did and we were like WOW! So, that was super cool.

Now, fast forward about a month ago 2015 we see Marty Allen walking on the street rather my sister Rose S, seen him and I'm like girl you're crazy that's not Marty Allen! I circle around yeah, back tracking and sure enough it's 

Marty Allen. 

I yelled out hi

 Marty Allen 

He looks at me like I'm nuts lol, but yells back hello! 

It was great seeing him again.

Now, is where you'll come into this amazing deal.

As most of you know by now I am the Producer and Host of both a television and podcast version of Humanity Matters

Humanity Matters Live (TV)

Humanity Matters Podcast (TalkShoe Audio Podcast)

Well, I told my family I want to interview Marty Allen on Humanity Matters Live so after Christmas 2015.

I planned on contacting his people and yes, he still does some gigs. 

Or finding a way to contact him personally. 
Well, today Christmas 2015 right on Christmas Day 
The Lord Thy God

Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and the Universal Intelligence had my sister Diane notice Marty Allen once again on a sidewalk in my city.

I hurried to circle back out of the way again, parked the vehicle leaving everything inside with my family even the cell phone! 

He was talking with someone and I asked to speak to him, again he must of thought I was a nut, but I told him I met him at seven years old, that I had a show and asked him would he would like to be on it he said no.

I did not let that stop me I said here, handed him my card and said think about it and left.

I know that he will most likely end up on my show because when I gave him the card he put it away, but we happened to have to pass by him again and he was reading it. 

This is going to happen.

What you can't yet know, but will now know is that I had said I will have him on my show and as a result I will say this God, Jesus, or the Universe hears what you say and do I know it sounds wild, but it is true.

That being said this is what is in it for you. 

Change your thoughts to positive thinking, visualize what you dream of as already happening and it happens.

How wild and crazy it sounds I know and I am still working on it in ways myself, but it is true! Yes, God is real, Yes, Jesus and all other faiths have some truths to them and 

There Really Is A man In The Sky there really is a God.

You, can't see, hear or feel God's physical being, but God is as real as you, your vehicle or anything you have.

And I let you in on a secret The Lord Thy God sent Jesus 
to save humanity, but there is no reason to believe that the other prophets were not also sent by The Lord Thy God. 

I say unto You Believe In A God, Believe In Love And Return Or Become A Person of Faith.

To All Non - believers I also love you even as you say there can't be a God know that you are still loved by God and you'll be in paradise with us someday as well.

Yes, most people of faith on this earth would say that I am wrong, but be Ye The Lord Thy God? Be That I Am Wrong Or Be That I Am Not How Does Ye Know That The Lord Thy God Would Reject Any Souls 
That Love Thy God?

I Say to all souls of this earth have love and compassion for all of humanity for their lives as your lives matter to our creator and to me.

I am just a man who has love for all and who will keep sharing love in the face of any or all hatred let us walk, sprint, run or drive together towards a world filled with such love.

If you think your dreams in to reality, reality makes it into being. And yes,
The Lord Thy God is helping your spirit all the breaths and days of your life.

Claim abundance today. I will keep reminding you to join my business or to start your own so that you can retire rich.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.  
Albert Torcaso 

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

Copyright 2004 - 2015 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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