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17 December 2015

I Will Always LOVE HER

I Will Always LOVE HER
Yes the year was 2012, every life still matters. defend and protect her.

What Would You Do For Her?

In this video I ask the question what would you do or not do for her?

How do you feel about her? And what these men and women have done for her? 

Do you honor these brave men and women who died to defend our great nation?

What do you do to keep our nation great?

What efforts have you taken to improve our nation?

What will you not allow to happen?

How far will you legally & peacefully go to make sure that these men and women never died in vain?

Do you believe that we are still as free and as honorable as these men and women were who gave their lives or who were willing to give their lives for us?

Are you brave enough to speak out and speak up against great odds if need be in order to keep our nation free, great and a place where all of us have a fair chance in the race of life?

They gave their lives for their beliefs would you be willing to do the same if need be in order to protect, defend and keep America or your home nation free?

Our veterans who have defended the United States Of America and all people throughout history who were willing to defend their nations and freedom are by default heroes and even if we don't agree with their causes in some cases, we must be honest and say to be willing to die for what you believe in and or to defend your community, city, state, and nation's way of life makes you a hero indeed.

I ask each of you to ask yourself what you're willing to do and what you won't allow to happen.

This veteran's day 2012 and each and every day that you awake in a free nation I ask you to consider the questions before you, to visit a cemetery and salute a fallen hero any day of the year. I also ask of you to thank a veteran whom you may come into contact with. 

These are brave men and women indeed. Finally I ask you to ensure that every American has their basic needs met by working to improve all Americans' lives in any small way that we can we then honor these men and women we also honor our own lives as well as creating a stronger nation that will live on for hundreds, thousands or millions of years to come.

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