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29 December 2015

Is It Enough? Answer These Questions To Get The Answer

Is It Enough? Answer These Questions To Get The Answer

  1. During the past 12 months has there ever been even one day where you had a need for anything, but did not have the money to buy it? 
  2. During the past 12 months were you ever late on your bills?
  3. During the past 12 months have you ever said to your children we can't get it we don't have the money?
  4. During the past 12 months have you ever been low on food, clothing or other vital needs due to lack of money?
  5. During the last 12 months have you had to use credit just to make it through to pay day?
  6. During the past 12 months have you maxed out your credit cards and gotten deeper in debt?
  7. During the past 12 months have you faced the threat of losing your job?
  8. During the past 12 months have you ever uttered the words I can't wait until pay day?
  9. During the past 12 months have you been forced to take out a high interest pay day loan?
  10. During the past 12 months have you ever played the Powerball or Mega Millions Lottery game just hoping for a miracle?
  11. During the past 12 months Have medical bills or co - pays caused you financial pain?
  12. During the past 12 months did you have to apply for snap and or have you visited a food bank in order to have food for yourself and or your family?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions whatever your job is the money you and maybe your partner are making is not enough.

I want you to have more than enough I want you to have an abundance of income.

How can you really get there? By owning a business and working it as if your life depended on it.

You can become an inventor, create your own service or products. 
You can see if you can get a loan for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Or you can join an MLM network marketing business.

Yes, and the fact is it is a pyramid. And be glad it is because even though that word has come to mean a fraudulent company in fact it's not at all.

Every or nearly every business, government, organization, and university uses a pyramid foundation even our food and drug department does to show what a proper diet should contain.

I won't ask you to believe me do  the research you'll see it is true.

Does your job have an owner? A few Vice Presidents? Middle management? lower management, supervisors? Then the lowest level employees?

The U.S. Government has a President, Vice President, The U.S House Of Representatives A Speaker Of the House, A Majority Leader in the U.S Senate as well as many middle and lower level officials.

That being said there are many frauds out there or companies that are poorly run.
MLM'S = multi level marketing businesses.

You must do the research or have a person you trust and who really has  the knowledge to understand it look into the company before you join.

Why choose either of the businesses that I am in? 
Because I will help you and because I have earned money with each business.

NRX Global the parent company of the VStream TV Media Center is a health
and wellness company that is sixteen years old, holds no debt and is in

Mechanicsville, Virginia.

They decided to get into streaming because they saw the huge market and to help their distributors earn increased income.

The video streaming industry is worth two point two trillion dollars and it's just starting to grow even larger.

This company is free to join and at the time of my first units sold I was a free uni-level member. 

As a result, I received only a 20% commission and since the member who bought the units was a professional member he received a discount per box.

All the factors had me losing out on considerable income.
Uni level members receive 20% commissions pro plus perks members receive 30%.

They receive access to over two hundred and ninety nine thousand discounts nationwide as well as travel perks that have saved pro members over eight million dollars combined.

Go here each Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 pm Est Time do not miss it.

Then join me and the rest of our team.

Why join me? Because I will do everything ethically, legally, to coach you to success and because my credibility, integrity is untouched. 

My shows are respectably nine and twelve years old, my blog is twelve years old

When you sign up with me and you will do the task you will have a very good chance at success.

You need to become a professional member right away once you have your first unit ready to be sold. 

At that point call customer service that very day and you'll have 30% commissions instead of 20%

You can even earn up to 200.00 dollars per sale.
Contact me here. 

Or call 412-559-2731 you'll get signed up today and start on your exciting road to Living Long And Prospering.

Yes, I am a fan of the late Leonard Nimoy and his character Mr. Spock.

I watched many of his projects. LLAP. Let your financial path of abundance start today.

Your income that you receive from your career or job is just not enough so it is time you start earning income without hurting what you're doing right now, but you need people who will help you and help you see what's in it for you this video shall do both actions.

Now get in to a business and if you're in mind you will succeed as long as you do what we ask of you and as long as you never give up.

To Your New Success!  Join for free right this minute.

How Much Money? 
See how much money there is being made in this industry!!

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

Copyright 2004 - 2015 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved..

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