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26 December 2015

One Site Affects The Others.

One Site Affects The Others.

Have you ever been kind of stuck on your internet activities? 

Maybe you have a business in reality I have about six my four main businesses are the television and podcast shows, this blog my streaming device and my drivers protection / roadside business.

Well, I have never been more serious in my life about having all of my businesses start showing a profit in 2016 and forever after that. 
But I am not waiting for another second to make it happen.

In September 2015 I had not made one post on this site, before that I was lucky to have 7 to 16 posts per month.

Am I serious now? Well, zero posts in Sept -2015 fast forward a crazy pace as you read this post it marks my 72nd post this month alone.

I am putting in place a foundation for success and if I can understand parts of my business, how to motivate, coach and help my partners in business succeed I will study everyday until I do.

Bottom line is this in 2016 those who disregard what I say and who won't join me in business better get ready to change their minds. 

I am going to achieve feats no person ever thought possible at least not by me.

By this time next week I will be completing a nearly impossible achievement and trust me on this it means our success is well beyond assured.

Make no mistake we will be sharing the great news with the masses, working hard at times, but smart, make no mistake how you arrived here matters not.

But if you're serious about your dreams coming true you're at the right site the right time.

Truth is there are going to be nights you work so hard you forget what night it is and once you have setup the foundation and start to automate you'll find your life becoming more exciting.

You'll start seeing the seeds grow that you have planted, the dollars will come in for those who put in the time, work, activity and training.

To that I will say you will need site passwords for sites you must join. 

Your software sites, capture pages for pro members of our streaming business you need many tools like a good e-mail address. 

Believe in me when you forget just one password it gets you ticked. 

What happens when you forget more than just the site password maybe a username as well or your password for your e-mail. Yikes! 

It can make you.

Want to say I GIVE UP!

Oh' trust me I get it, I really do and truth is that I am working so hard in so many new ways learning, doing things I never thought my body or brain would allow me to do.

You wanna know something I AM LOVING IT! Yes, the learning curves are upsetting at times and forgetting or losing usernames and passwords Ouch!

At the same time knowing that by this time next year me and my partners who do the work are going to earn income every hour or every minute every day of the year and being able to amass many thousands of dollars and way more than that.

Knowing that the training and knowledge learned, applied with grant us financial freedom for life well that is just 

So if I need to work one hour each day or 23 hours a day I know the cost is worth it.

The money will start flowing real soon and at that point we will be able to live abundantly in all aspects of our lives. If we need food we shall have it if we need to pay a million dollars to educate our child we shall be able to and not think twice about it.

Yeah, forgetting things makes you want to SCREAM! But being able to care for and see a sick family member or friend be healed due to the funding you were able to provide. WOW! That feeling will be like winning a thousand
Super Bowls in a row.

Don't lose or forget your usernames or passwords, do get on board the 
Albert Torcaso success team.

Be a VStreamTV free member, be wise become a VStreamTV Pro member, Join my Roadside911 business.

Or become a member of my Humanity Matters staff!

Bottom line is this I am not where I want to be, but I have FINALLY DECIDED I AM A MILLIONAIRE!

Yeah, the money is not in my hands yet, but MARK DOWN THIS DATE SAVE THE LINK TO THIS POST!



Keep in mind I had told people many things I would achieve in life and they laughed, I did it, I have said I would have vehicles when I had no credit, not a penny and no sane way to get it and yet it was done.

I have said I would host my show and now I have hosted Humanity Matters Live on television for twelve years.

I have become a U.S. Copyrighted author twice, twelve years a talk show host 24 seasons. twelve years a blogger, nine years a podcaster, twenty years an actor and each time.

People doubted me and said I could and would not achieve it.

I tell you these facts for gloating? No Ma'am, No Sir, I say this to you for those of you who will believe and join me will achieve as I if you do what we ask and if you decide you're going to win!

I know I am a millionaire and what that means to my family, friends and those in need. I know that Anthony Robbins is correct in his book Awake The Giant Within is 100% correct!

Five things that makes me have the most pleasure, gratifying are.

  • Rendering useful service helping people and animals lives improve.
  • Earning income as a network marketer / internet marketer.
  • Being with my fur family yeah, most call them pets they are my children.
  • Crazy as it seems coaching / motivating people to be way beyond what they thought they could be. Empowering people.
  • My shows, blogs, videos, web sites, being on The White House Press Secretary's Press core e-mail list.
Truth is all of what I do is about helping people and animals.

What  upsets, blocks or stops me.
  • Technological issues, non working computers, non working machines, software that won't work.
  • Lack of knowledge on new software, techniques, Enough business knowledge at times.
  • Lack of understanding on new business, tech, or anything new until you master the skill set.
  • Lacking concentration at times and not being the best researcher at times.

Anthony Robbins has you do these types of practices at this point I need to listen again to him.

As for what stops me let me say this when these things happen we can cry, give up, throw in the towel or we can look to what we feel like when we are able to have the emotions of the five things that give us the most pleasure.

Here's a super odd fact about me, back in the day what made me happy was money, having things I liked or thought I would like and yeah, I sure will love having more things maybe even some crazy things like a huge pool.

However, the things that really excite me to no end is helping people, empowering, changing, improving lives by helping people see who they really are and when they achieve it is as if I have also. 

These things make the going through all the hard times worth it all. 

It's like winning the lottery when a person says you're their inspiration, hero or that you changed their lives.

Truth is yeah, I will keep pushing until you're my partners and it's not about the money that's in it for me, it's about the money that's in it for us and how we can help save, change and impact the lives of other humans and animals.

This is the day you visit these two sites, this is the day you become a success partner in our shared business. Choose right now.

We need our abundance as does our families stop waiting.

VstreamTV a video streaming device the newest product of a debt free sixteen year old health and wellness company. 

The VS2 Media Center will knock your socks off once you have it. 

Earn it free be a Pro Perks Plus member six consecutive  months.

Have a free VS2 Media Center or four hundred dollars of their top of the line health products. 

VstreamTV join free today or be a Pro Perks Plus member.

Free members 20% each Media Center 40.00 dollars earned.

Pro Perks members 30% each Media Center. 75.00 dollars earned.

Special site for customers that pro members receive earns them 200.00 each Media Center sold through the special site.

Free members can earn commissions without paying a cent. 
Join VstreamTV Today

Roadside 911 we cover you for driver's and roadside protection

Watch the site to learn all, but we send an attorney for free to court for you if you obtain a speeding ticket. 

We have hospital, insurance, deductible and many other protections. Unlimited service calls, up to 100 miles towing if needed.

All this and more Join Roadside911 today make sure it says 
Al Torcaso is your sponsor. 

Join and earn 80 dollars each time someone gets the service.

Less than five dollars a week. 

If you do this and work the business you can earn money for being a customer of a top of the line driver's protection, roadside assistance discounts on doctors, attorneys, prescriptions, eye ware and more.

Less than five dollars a month. Join today have three friends be protected and see 240.00 land in your pocket. three more friends another two forty get the picture?

Join Roadside911 here right now.

I know my path in 2016 and for the rest of my life. 

Will you decide to make reality what you have dreamed of, but feared to try or to try again?

In Closing:
You and I are not strangers not really and we share the same wants, desires and needs in many ways. 

It is time we unite in the cause of abundance it is time we gain the tool called money on a scale few humans seem to reach.

I hear of so many people saying they will never see or earn a million dollars in their lifetime, yet many beyond dirt poor fellow Americans, Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Australians and others the world over have created untold wealth from what seemed like nothing.

What changed their situation? Knowledge? No, not at first. Capital? No, not at first, Genetics? No. Location? Not even close.

What changed them the very first thing that changed them were mindset, then ideas, networking with like minded people, knowledge, group knowledge, and capital.

Number one was mindset, some would say the idea or ideas came first, but without the mindset ideas go no place and nothing is created. 

It may be a tie in some cases, but again both deal with the mind.

I end with this for all to read. If you will believe you will achieve, your mind can make a penniless person the richest person on earth and the mind can see to it that it comes to pass. 

Lack the truth of said statements? 

Think about the richest people this earth have ever known study their lives and you shall find most first thought it into an idea and into being.

Think And Grow Rich is not just a book, but is a reality.

You decide this second to own your time, own your business and own your future.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

Copyright 2004 - 2015 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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