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08 December 2015

There Is No Way I Am Ever Giving Up!

About two weeks ago I was VERY DEPRESSED!

For almost five months! Even considered counseling for the first time in my entire life. Hey, I watched death after death, was torn from my home and never needed counseling I got through it all.

These past five months were BAD!!!

Then two weeks ago I spoke out loudly in my bedroom telling evil if it thought I would ever give up on The Lord God or stop believing In Jesus Christ evil might as well leave me, Annette and my family alone.

I shouted it out and as wild as it may seem since that day I have been like the energizer bunny ten fold!

Working, my businesses in every way possible, creating and editing videos like a non stop machine.

To that end look at what I have accomplished in 2 weeks.

I say this unto you believe in The Lord God, Believe In 
Jesus Christ, believe in who you believe God or the Goddesses are, but believe God Is because God is as real as our earth. Good and evil are REAL!

I shouted out at evil two weeks ago and today I am feeling better than I have in a few years.

Non- believers I say unto you there is a God, yes, evil happens, yes it seems God lets evil win, but friend, friends, family I say to you evil can never win if you will just find a way to believe a higher power. Yeah, it is a reality.

You can't see, feel or prove there is a higher power, but it is as real as science and the cars, trucks, suvs we use or see every day.

I will one day live in Heaven, paradise and no evil is taking that or my souls away from me.

I am sure Diane Torcaso Rose Schilling and my friends and business partners will be a bit worried that I was so depressed. Hallelujah I am doing great now! Let us always remember WE OUR WINNERS!

For almost two years in my businesses I have been stressing out when people say no to my business and yeah, many of us network marketers feel the sting of rejection.

Now, at this point I know my business VStreamTV and the VS2 Media Center is as good as advertised as is my company so with all due respect.

Be you are wise enough to visit and become a partner or customer.
I am going to prosper in ways no one expects me or anyone to achieve.

Yeah, I want you in my business so that you may prosper with me, but with all due respect there are more than seven billion people on our great world so yes, I will lead a team of thousands many of us are destined to be millionaires.

So, If you are wise enough to join I am proud of you and glad you're a team member.

If you are unwise my words I must say is next!

I have fought too long to achieve what is now coming to pass and no evil, no human will stop me.

I want you to prosper, but will move forward with you or without you. for winners who will work to make their missions be completed!!!





I Love You.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

 Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!
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