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23 December 2015

We Are All One Not Separated By Religion

We Are All One Not Separated By Religion

Today, I must be with the family and help them get ready for Christmas so I will publish this post and work on it further late tonight early morning.

I do hope that each of you will view it both times as it will amount to a double post in affect.

One will also do what most web site and blog owners never do I'm suggesting that you read the news stories of this great act of courage, love and spirit.

These actions are the very actions that one has been eluding to for many years and it shows to these people who are Muslim they know truth that we are

Not Separated by Religion that we are not Muslim or Christian, Not Hindu Or Seek, Not Jew Or Buddhist 

They know we are all Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers they know we are all family.

Please visit these sites and rejoice in the spirit of love that they showed by putting their own lives at risk to save others.

The below links are news articles on this act of love and heroism, but it teaches us so much more.

My friends, I will give you more thoughts on this wonderful act of courage and yes, there were two or more people still murdered by hatred and terrorists this we must mourn for their loss, for their families and all they impacted or would have impacted. 

Those of us who believe in a creator must pray for these souls and for all souls who pass away daily.

Let us use love to cause those who hate to stop hating and murdering our fellow human beings.

The day for a world filled with love, compassion and abundances is approaching my family it is fast approaching.

You know right after I am done with my thoughts on this post and heroic event I will have what seems to be a contradiction, yet it is not.

As for my thoughts about what the people in the bus did I think it should wake people up this idea of  all Muslims hating non Muslims is an insult which in and of itself is hate or fear driven.

It's time we see the goodness in humanity and the reason I place bold, underline and italics under the word Muslim or Muslims is to hopefully have people who are doing research on the faith. 

Or searching that word for the wrong reasons to have them hopefully find this post showing the good that all faiths do, that all of us are human beings first. 

Faith, gender, religion, race or any other way to divide us is just a means for those who want control, wars, death, hatred, and separation of our human family. 

Who wants to say humanity can't change it's human nature to look out for one's own safety, one's own family, race, or religion, yet life and the actions of the people on this bus proves them wrong.

You may ask am I saying that history, religion and science is wrong about humans ability to change? Yes, that is in fact what I am saying.

You see we allow religion, science or doctrines to control us, to brain wash us into thinking that there are some things we can't change and yet that is the illusion in and of itself.

To make the statement that I have made does not mean that science or religion is completely wrong, but it is to say that both have pros and cons and the truth is both have mistakes.

How then can religions have mistakes if what they speak about is from the words of The Lord Thy God? Interpretation, if they misunderstood The Lord's Words or if they chose not to place all that 
The Lord Thy God said into their religious book, teachings this is how they can be wrong.

How can science be wrong? keep in mind that science is based on facts, evidence and in fact much of it is accurate, yet it is also theory and if we examine science theories from the dawn of science we find many of their theories were proven inaccurate over time.

We must also remember that we will never understand everything about science, religion, human beings or the universe why is that? 

Well, because all things change including universal laws or we discover new laws of the universe that don't fit into any known universal laws.

All this leads us to one truth there is no such thing as human nature not being able to be changed it is only that the great misunderstanding or lie has been told since the dawn of humanity.

Yes, there really is a great evil on our planet and in our universe and that is the evil of misunderstanding.

As one concludes on this post I say unto you love all people no matter of what faith, gender, financial, ethnic, or any other reason.

Love of fellow countrymen and women won out against terror love of family won out against separation of any kind and love is what will one day erase all hatred, wars, terror and sorrow from the face of this Earth.

Be Ye A Person Of Faith Or Be Ye A Person Of No Faith We Must Love Ye And Ye Shall Love Us.

May The Lord Thy God Protect All People Of All Faiths And All People Of No Faiths. May The Lord Thy God Love All And May We Work To do the same.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! 

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