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30 December 2015


I Say Thank You  To 

The Lord Thy God, 

Jesus Christ 


The Holy Spirit!


This is not a post it is a miracle! 

You see what I am about to share with you affected me and should give you all the inspiration you will need to never give up.

I know you could be reading this and when you find out what the miracle is you may feel it is not one, but I tell you that it is and that it means all of us can succeed, that nothing stops us except ourselves.

I know it sounds like bull or another book like Think And Grow Rich or The Secret.

This is different because you witnessed it yourself, hour by hour and day by day, really post by post.

What is in it for you? EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED!

You want money well nothing is stopping you. You want to be a rocket scientist nothing is stopping you.

You want to earn ten million dollars in five years. Nothing is stopping you.

I know you think I'm going nuts! No.

This is what the miracle is I now have completed a record breaking 100 posts in one, yes only one month!

Many professional bloggers use a software, hire out, have guest bloggers and still only post once a day or maybe two.

I had to average at least three a day and even that would not have allowed me to achieve this mission in this year.

This day alone I have posted eight posts that's more than a weeks worth for professional bloggers even with their options.

What''s more each word typed by hand, each thought my own, no cheating okay maybe I used a small bit of other sourced news reports here and there, but even those posts had at least two hundred to a thousand words I wrote by hand.

Not thinking this is a miracle yet?
100 posts in a month still would have left me about twenty six short.

Now, you're saying okay impressive, but no miracle.

What you could not know until now is that I had the worst depression of my entire life for almost six or more months and for months I did almost no posts at all!

Look at October, you can't because there is no October 2015 in the Blog archives. 

So for me to break my yearly record this year I had to write at least 126 posts in two short months!

Now, you still may not see the miracle so here goes. Remember, I said I had the worst depression of my life? 

Nothing helped not even for the first time in my I went to see a therapist with the person who had done me wrong. That did not really even help.

What helped me get through and what got me in a mindset that is going to help everyone who reads this?

Crazy as it sounds  I told off Lucifer!

I know, I know sounds like I went nutty, but read on and you are going to be freed today my friends!

One night out of the blue I let him have it in no uncertain terms I cussed him out like a military officer would dress down a new recruit!

After that night I went on my computer about a day later and started posting again then I went for a number that seemed impossible and yet you are now reading the 100th post in a month.

All created by The Lord Thy God
Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit through my mind, and my hands.

You see where you fit in don't you? Don't worry just read. 

You'll fit in because it shows anything on earth can be achieved by all of us if we just change our mindset.

If we just never give up and a yes If we will believe in a creator. I don't know if Jesus is the only way to be in Heaven with The Lord Thy God, The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit I do know that The Lord Thy God loves all seven billion plus human souls who are on this planet.

God loves those who have murdered the innocent, raped, and 
God loves the terrorists, he loves all people.

The Lord Thy God does not love the evil that humanity does to each other, animals and the earth, but 
The Lord Thy God loves Us.

Be not afraid to believe in a God, be not afraid to love. As for how you are affected you are in this way. 

Not you nor anyone on earth can say anything is impossible because the mind can achieve any thought and that thought can be achieved through hard or in some cases not hard work.

It is beyond true that the impossible is the illusion and possible is the reality.

Believe in The Lord Thy God whichever name you call 
The Lord Thy God. And if you be a person who says 
The Lord Thy God is not real I say to you believe as you will, but at least believe in yourself and in your abundance.

Yes, evil and Lucifer is real I wish it was a fantasy, but he or it is real, for one thing we know is that there is both evil and great goodness on this earth.

Oh there be a God my friends and you shall share in the love with 
The Lord Thy God if only you will dare to believe.

My faith comes not from any books, or even religion. It comes in the truth of a real Lord God who created everything and who loves all. 
Even those who deny that The Lord Thy God is real or who hate God for whatever reason.

Love is really the answer.

Reasons this is a miracle.
  • I broke all of my daily, weekly, monthly and annual records.
  • Created more posts in one day than all of 2004.
  • More posts in one month than in most of the years I owned Humanity Matters Dot Org the Domain Name and the web blog.
  • I came through my worst ever depression.
  • Told Lucifer to leave in The Name Of 
  • The Lord Jesus Christ In Jesus Name I command you to leave now and forever Lucifer.
  • Have found new friends through blogging.

I am a talk show host as well. 

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