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31 January 2016

An Act Of God

An Act Of God

As many of you know I have been going through some very tough times and have been depressed many times in 2015 and now again in 2016. 

It has gotten to the point of me not even working on my businesses, shows or blog, yet The Lord Thy God is always there for me and my family. 

We needed to wash our clothes on Saturday 1-30-2016 and the depression was going strong so strong that I did not want to leave my house again, but I did and while at the laundry mat I happened to notice a woman with a Tuskegee shirt on and we spoke about the Tuskegee airmen a bit and I found out there was a university there.

Her daughter had gone there and received I believe two degrees.

Throughout the night we spoke about many things and at some point I spoke to her about being depressed. She really helped me by being willing to listen and she also prayed with us and for us. 

And I felt much better last night and I have been able to get this post created.

I want you to know no matter what you're going through 
The Lord Thy God and Jesus Christ is with you and I do hope that you will believe this is true I know many of you don't believe in The Lord Thy God 
Jesus Christ, but they do love you and I would say to believers of all faiths and non believers alike.

It may sound odd, strange or out of touch to say this, but God and Jesus does love you all of us. 

And I love all of you so if I at some point stop writing my posts I hope you will read all the past posts and that you will know you are cared about.

I don't plan on letting depression win and even if I don't get a huge amount of posts done I will keep getting some done.

You know, I don't know if anything one writes matters to anyone, but know that I care about each of you and this is why I share deeply personal thoughts and experiences with you.

If by chance you are going through a depression of your own please seek help in some manner be it a person you have just met, a friend, a pastor, a doctor or a family member.

Mrs. Veronica helped us in so many ways that she is a God send and I hope she knows this. 

We plan on visiting her church very soon and do hope to meet her again soon.

Know that there is love from The Lord Thy God, Jesus Christ and many of God's children.

Thank you Mrs. Veronica, for helping us.

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