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24 January 2016

Antonio Angelo Torcaso Has Died

Antonio Angelo Torcaso Has Died

On January 21 2016 Antonio Angelo Torcaso died and yes, I am very depressed about it. 
Antonio Angelo Torcaso 
Is the cat that I have written about before and the one who had sent me to the hospital with a bite years ago.
 Antonio Angelo Torcaso

Everyone I knew had said get rid of him and being honest for a few seconds I thought of it. But Antonio Angelo Torcaso
Was, is and will always be my son.

Antonio Angelo 
Would always come up on the sofa when I was resting and lay on my chest or beg like crazy if I had any snacks like chips, corn chips or anything like that and oh how I miss now and will always miss that, he would also kind of lightly bite groom me while sitting with me and sitting or laying on that sofa will never be the same.

A few months back on October 1,2015
Mr. Moore Courageous Died
He also sat on the sofa with me most of the time at the top so being on my sofa is very hard now.

I am finding it hard to do things I need to do and even things I love doing because I miss my cats so much and I have lost far too many these past twenty years.

Many people won't understand the grieving over cats or dogs but they are your family, they are your children, they may be what keeps you going in the hard times so for anyone who does not understand I can say imagine if you lost a child how devastating and heartbreaking that would be.

Yes, I am having problems getting things done, but I will keep fighting to get them done for my family. 

I have faced two of the worst periods
of depression in my life and trust me writing this post is a struggle, but you're reading it.

You know I am involved in a great business and I need to get it to workout because once I succeed it will help me to be able to help my entire family stay and get healthy as well as afford the high cost of medical
care for my human and animal family.

I took Antonio Angelo
To the veterinarian, but to have any chance at saving him would have cost at least 500.00 to unknown thousands and even then he most likely would have passed away.

I will keep learning my craft so that I can have enough
money as to have my family get the treatment no matter the cost.

People wonder why I am doing my profession well, I assure you it is to combat poverty so that I and
others have the money they need to help save their human and animal family.

The profession I am in allows for financial and time freedom
I know not when I will succeed at it, but I know that I will one day for it is vital that I do so that I can stop losing family members due to lack of financial funding.

I hope you understand my grief
and if you have lost loved ones and feel as I do please know that we are normal and filled with love. 

It is normal to grieve for our animals as it is normal for us to grieve for our human family.

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