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04 January 2016

Committing To A Lifestyle Change

Committing To A Lifestyle Change

First of all let me say this. I had no intention of creating this post at this time. 

That is where the real miracle has happened, even though one may not feel up to doing it I know how important it is to complete it right now.

This again is why we succeed or fail allowing our emotions, or being tired to stop us and all too often we stop moving forward having set goals, missions.

I will say this again this is what I believe is a form of evil and yes it sounds odd, but think about it you had set goals, missions and resolutions now the person who stops you is your body or maybe your exhausted mind.

That just happens to come into play when you have finally set your short, mid and long term, goals, plans and missions.

We need to become aware of these realities even if we be non - believers, people of faith or in between, undecided.

Keep in mind the The Lord Thy God is very real as is 

The Lord Jesus Christ 

As are all of the prophets through out history.

The fact that hundreds of millions and frankly maybe a billion or more humans No longer believe in any God or who have turned away from 
The Lord Thy God 

Is no surprise.

For one thing religions of all faiths warring against themselves, killing other faiths or even people of the same faith, but who worship differently.

Has done much to lead people away from 
The Lord Thy God.

Is The Lord Jesus Christ the only way to The Father God

The Bible says yes indeed he is, yet it seems quite odd that 
Our Father The Lord Thy God would give us only one way or reject us because we have rejected him or his son.

It is possible that The Lord Thy God sent 
The Lord Jesus Christ many times as different prophets even or even as 
The Lord Jesus Christ was in human form.

The Bible says God is everywhere so could The Lord Jesus been everywhere? Who knows?

I know this that our The Lord Thy God, yes, non - believer's The Lord Thy God is all of our God even those of hatred or non belief.

I say the The Lord Thy God loves us and yes, 
The Lord Thy God may get angry or disappointed with the actions or non actions we take, but I suspect that 
The Lord Thy God never condemns us for an eternity.

Is there a place of punishment yes, that one believes, but do you have at least a chance at leaving in someday? 

Yes, I believe so if one finally and really wants, needs forgiveness.

My words defy most of earth's religions and yes, one could be wrong, however, if the religions are correct it means that man, woman and child are more powerful than God of which I do not believe.

If a human can forgive everything and there has been proof of such abilities throughout history and God cannot or won't then it means humanity is stronger and more powerful than 

The Lord Thy God.

Do not be brainwashed by those lies do not think your way is the only way for even if it were true could you really call Heaven a Paradise if most of the humans from all of humanity could never enter into it?

Heaven is not a nightclub it is not exclusive to the cool, wealthy, poor, tech minded, preachers, ministers, rabbis or anyone of faith it is for all of us. 

This again is the great evil of humanities history.

Evil can come in the church, pray next to you to deceive you.

Have we not seen fake preachers, and all sorts of crimes in the churches? 
All faiths?

This is not to say that all faiths, religions, or people who attend such are wrong, right good or bad it is to say that we must be aware that there really is evil and that evil can trick us at anytime into thinking we are safe, we are free.

I ask you to rebuke Lucifer in Jesus's name or in your faith's name.

Do this at least once a week as I am certain that when we procrastinate and or give up on our dreams or when things distract us even when emergencies come up all of this ALL OF IT! 

IS IN FACT The work of evil.

Be strong now and forever Amen,

Be strong in creating your realities let not a human soul, plant, machine, paranormal, animal or spiritual entity stop you.

In Jesus Christ Name We Pray to you Father God protect all of us believers of The Lord Jesus Christ and non believers alike as well as all faiths, all human and animal souls of history's past present and future.

We pray to you The Lord Thy God protect us from all evil. 
In The Lord Jesus Christ name Amen.

Let no evil stop your dreams, no pains nothing on earth or in the universe. 

Even if there be other universes let nothing stop your children 
The Lord Thy God, let nothing stop all seven billion plus of your children let them not ever be stopped by evil.

Live your dreams my friends.

In Jesus Christ name Amen.

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