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06 January 2016

Every American Should Own One!!!

A podcast on this matter.

What I will write below may shock you, but should give you a few points to consider.

I really don't get how on earth anyone can even attempt to say that the death rate for murders in America is not from increased because of super easy access to firearms. 

Any and all firearms for that matter.

Yes, I used to have a firearm and I like firearms for target shooting. I had done target shooting about twenty two years ago.

When I would shoot after about five to fifteen minutes I would quit just because I would think about the power of death that was in my hands and frankly I did not like that feeling.

Truth is I still like shooting, but I would end up doing it for only about fifteen minutes if one were to shoot again.

As for gun control I will say this gun or firearms control takes not a right away it only seeks to ensure that those with said firearms are not unbalanced to the point of murdering others or themselves.

And to enforce that current and future gun laws be enforced.

We can keep our firearms my fellow Americans while we protect the innocent of our nation and maybe even ourselves.

Everyone of these machine guns can be bought by some or many Americans.

The question is do you really think you need that to protect your home?

I would say no, but I would be okay with Americans owning these weapons if they are only used for protection or target shooting.


And not used to kill animals or human beings.

Ask questions and say no to NRA'S insanity!

Let members of Congress know you want common sense gun control.
1-202-224-3121 Tell them now.

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Albert Torcaso

Asked you to call and to explain why you support common sense gun control and common sense gun control, laws being enforced.

Be polite, ethical, legal and peaceful, but demand a change today.
Let members of Congress know you want common sense gun control.
1-202-224-3121 Tell them now.

I would support a law requiring every American aged 18 and above be required to own a gun as part of a national America Defensive force in case we are ever invaded.

It would require background checks as well as five to fifty hours or more training. With a test to prove you know how, and why to use a firearm.

I would favor a national open carry laws as well as laws allowing for all Americans to own a firearm to protect their property.

This would I believe in turn reduce violence as anyone who may be planning on any crimes would know they well may be killed or harmed in the attempt.

Yes, unstable people and violent criminals would remain barred from gun ownership unless a President Of The United States Of America, Governor of a State, Or Mayor Deemed this person to be fit once more after they were deemed fit by a doctor and by law enforcement if they had a criminal past.

A podcast on this matter.

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