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02 January 2016

I Love You, But It's Tough, Tough Love Time On Humanity Matters Dot Org

I Love You, But It's Tough, Tough 
Love Time On 
Humanity Matters Dot Org

I love each of you in a spiritual, cosmic way and I really do want the best for you, but I sure need to get tough on you a bit.

Why have you not joined either of my businesses? 
Is it because I don't know how to trick you into thinking I am the best internet / network marketer in the business? 

Is it because I don't have a huge 
e-mail list yet or send auto responded e- mail every day with some other ventures or that I don't yet have relationships with hundreds of other network marketers that I suspect make deals to keep pushing other subscriptions, services and software?

You need to know the truth just in case you don't yet know those guys mostly use software, hire out, and generally though I respect a few for the most part you're never going to really gain help from them or a real communication of any kind.

I know. I have bought a few hundred dollars of mostly useless software and put out nearly 800.00 dollars over six years maybe more money since then.

In late 2013 I joined Roadside 911 our driver's protection, roadside assistance business.

For 4.95 four dollars and ninety five cents a week you end up with protection that makes all other roadside assistance companies and even AAA look like a pee wee football team Vs a Super Bowl Championship Team.

Sure, it may seem like it costs more, but use any of the benefits just once and you'll be one happy person.

Then this past year we expanded myself and three other Roadside 911 members joined NXR Global a health and wellness company that holds zero debt has a great reputation as well as being located in Virginia is sixteen years old and helped make many people earn great income.

If you will learn and follow the system do the task and the consistent activity it is almost certain that you will earn a substantial income which can also become residual income.

For those of you who may not know it means you do the work once and keep earning the income. 

Example: I had a role in a film in 1988 and still receive residual income to this day usually very low, but that was twenty years ago that I had done the role and I still earn money now and again.

Now, the reason a few of my Roadside 911 partners joined NXR Global is because the streaming industry is a 2.2 trillion dollars industry and is positioned to be the primary way people will be receiving their films sporting,pay per view, and in theater movies within the next 3-9 years.

It's happening already. What if you could have been in the ground floor of Apple, Microsoft or cell phone companies what would your income be today? Millions or billions of dollars most likely yes.

Now here today you have an honest, sometimes extremely hard hitting journalist,talk show personality that has been with you twelve years looking out for you and when I give you breaking news and even a free chance to get in on this treasure you do nothing.

What in the world is wrong with you?


My not knowing as of this date 100% of the business or just not Superman of business yet?

Really? How is it that my actions would stop you from sharing the information with anyone? How is it that you can go tell someone to see 

Star Wars The Force Awakens 

Online and in real life and never be paid a commission by the producers, Disney, the theater owners, the fueling station, the place where you went to eat.

But when you can be paid by NXR Global every time a person buys any of their health and wellness products or a VS2 Media Center you do nothing!

How freaking foolish is that my friends when you're not paid you share and sell like a car sales person and when you can 
join a company for free and earn a commission of at least forty 40.00 or more dollars you do nothing?

Tough, tough love time are you 

I mean you'll tell someone go buy a dress, an MP3 online, shoes, go see a movie none of which pays you!

You'll help social media sites use your likeness, thoughts, ideas, and data for free not make a cent and they have earned and are worth billions of dollars as a result of your sharing and data.

Then when a respectable talk show host, journalist, podcaster and blogger tells you of two great businesses that if you will do the same dang thing and do it at least 12 hours a week for 90 days.

Yes, three short months you may never need another day job again.

ARE YOU REALLY TELLING ME you share your thoughts, get teams, movie theaters and every other type of business money for free, but you won't help yourself?

I have to ask why on earth not?

Twitter, FaceBook make billions of dollars off of your data and advertisers.

Be clear on these points 
  1. You're losing out on money.
  2. You're working a job or just over broke deal that won't repay your loyalty.
  3. You're losing out on potential residual money.
  4. You're being biased against a real talk show producer and host just because he has not received his national network series as of yet 
  5. (12 year veteran talk show producer, writer, host.)
  6. You're losing out on tax breaks for being a business owner up to 18,000 dollars in deductions legally allowed. Including gas mileage, light, gas, phone, internet service provider bills, etc.
Look, I want you to win, and earn a real income.


If you will join right now and do the work 2016 could well end up being the year you earn more in a month than you had in more than a year!

Join, Join, Join and start your abundance today! Driver's Protection business. 80.00 dollars paid to you per customer.

Get In Get Paid, And in less than six months you may be able to say 

Get in now study and Earn Money Now.

I am a talk show host as well. Wednesday's 12:00 pm Est Time. 

Comcast 21 Pittsburgh PA, 

Fios 47 Pittsburgh, PA 

I want you to earn income at home. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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