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17 January 2016

I Wonder Is It All For Nothing?

I Wonder Is It All For Nothing?

Is what I am doing with my blog and shows all for nothing? I have been working for many years now to help improve every life that sees my shows or this blog, yet almost no one has ever taken one suggestion of mine to help themselves.

Do you know how that feels to feel as if your life's work is a waste?

You know the truth is I am really thinking of shutting down my shows and my sites I mean why keep putting in the blood, sweat and tears if no one seems to want to take the actions that would help them as well.

Yes, I know that we are a society that looks for what's in it for me so I will say this what would be in it for you are ways to save a lot of your money that you put out on some services and products.

This then could be used to save that money many times and even to spend it on a nice big ticket item and if you saved enough maybe on a car.

Or you could apply that money for you or a loved one to use it towards health care cost or medical coverage.

The Make Money Now links you see appear in a different color on many of my posts or the links may be within different words. Those links can help improve your life.

Imagine you finally joined VStreamTV 

Yes, the word TV is a link.

You sign up and finally own a VS2 Media Center when you buy one which means never paying cable or satellite again. 

That money you spent for how many years on cable now belongs to you each month.

Now, say you love your VS2 Media Center and you have a friend over and you're not even thinking about your VS2 Media Center all you're doing is watching television and your friend says wait a minute how are you watching that? 

It's on Showtime and you don't have Showtime 
You say I don't have any cable anymore I have my VS2 device and most likely your friend will ask you what is it then you start explaining it all or let the friend work the controls to see what it's like.

There is a great chance they will want one and you can be earning that income.

This is just one reason I started a home business and why I keep asking you to take action.

You can save money, get tax deductions on almost everything that you do.

Look, for twelve years I have been trying to help my fellow human beings, but it seems as if it is all for nothing.

Should I give up? Is it a waste of my time? I don't know, but I sure know that I do not want you being left out of your abundance or for me to be left out of mine.

What are you willing to do right now and for the next few years to ensure your financial freedom? What will you do to help yourself and who you care about?

Look, we know that money is real tight out there, so why not save a lot of it and why not work something that will help your life in all aspects.

I know many people think I am now only about my business and that is not true. As I write this post I have one about how people with mental illness also matter and deserve to be treated better by their so called doctors.

I have worked to get you into these businesses, but it is because we have many things we must change in our world, but having additional income may help you in many ways.

Owing no money on a cable bill ever again means you have that money for other needs now or for yourself and to me it seems like that would be a good reason to take action.

If anyone reads this post so that I know that not everything I do is for nothing can you at the very least message me or comment on Google + I prefer a message.

I am a talk show host as well. Wednesday's 12:00 pm Est Time. Comcast 21 Pittsburgh PA, Fios 47 Pittsburgh, PA

I want you to earn income at home. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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